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Emacs ビギナーに贈る、これからバリバリ使い隊!!人のための設定講座 その1。 - 日々、とんは語る。
Bill Clementson's Blog: Understanding SLIME (Using Emacs and Lisp Cooperatively)

Using Emacs and Lisp Cooperatively. A post from Bill Clementson's Blog.
How I use Emacs and Org-mode to implement GTD
ソースコードを快適に読むための GNU GLOBAL 入門 (前編) - まちゅダイアリー(2009-03-07)
春なのでemacsからvimに乗り換えてみました - ふぃふmemo
pysmell - Google Code
python completion for IDE including Emacs
python autocomplete for vim
It's Magit!
a really really great way to use git from emacs
It's Magit! A Emacs mode for Git.
Git mode for emacs
Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text!
in which are found tricks of the trade concerning clojure authorship - Technomancy
Home - mozrepl - GitHub
Doesn't look like you can automate it, though that would be awesome
another firefox repl plugin
A firefox java script REPL (uses telenet).
Learn Emacs in Ten Years — Edward O’Connor
Somebody emailed me the other day, asking about how to go about learning Emacs. This is my (edited and rearranged) reply. I know you’re something of an emacs wizard, so I thought I might as well ask you: how should I learn emacs? … I’ve used emacs for several years now but have not added very much emacs skill to my repertoire. Well, the short answer is, you should learn Emacs by using it for about a decade. That’s a pretty lame non-answer, so let me try to elaborate.
Ymacs -- AJAX source code editor with syntax highlighting and automatic indentation
Emacs初心者向け記事へのリンク集 - ’(rubikitch wanna be (a . lisper))
SIGUSR2 > The Power That is GNU Emacs
If you've never been convinced before that Emacs is the text editor in which dreams are made from, or that inside Emacs there are unicorns manipulating your text, don't expect me to convince you.
EmacsWiki: Emacs Nifty Tricks
go back and forth between locations in buffers or across buffers
A list of nifty emacs tricks.
slime -- wingolog
ejacs - Google Code
Ejacs is an Ecma-262 compliant JavaScript interpreter written entirely in Emacs Lisp. It should work in GNU Emacs versions 22 and higher.
Ejacs is an Ecma-262 compliant JavaScript interpreter written entirely in Emacs Lisp
JavaScript in emacs
ELispで書かれたEcma-262 インタプリタ。Emacs22以降で動くらしい
Emacs color-theme creator
#Emacs color-theme creator
Inspiration - Color Theme Generator - TextMate/Emacs/Vim
Inspiration - Color Theme Generator (via @rob_rix) – Joe Ricioppo (joericioppo)
What Emacs Commands Do You Use Most and Find Most Useful? : programming
これからemacsを使い始めたい人へ送るチュートリアル 第1回 - Unix的なアレ
Deciphering Glyph: The Emacs Test
"Do you think you can write an editor which can replace Emacs for me? Here are a few features, taken both from my years of customizing Emacs to meet my needs and some basic features in Emacs itself that non-natives never seem to understand."
The Emacs Test I use Emacs. However, unlike some Emacs users, I don't treat it as a religion. In fact, I'd rather be using a more "modern" IDE; one that understands my code on a deeper level and provides things like refactoring tools, integrated debugging, and "view method implementation" that work reliably and
What makes Emacs hard to replace.
philosecurity » Blog Archive » Pirates and Ninjas: Emacs or Vi?
#12sine @the one who blogs: try M-x doctor when drunk. Hillarious, but like most drunken enternainments, not so great sober. Also try M-x yow when drunk or stoned (emulates Zippy the Pinhead). For realy weird entertainment: M-x psychoanalize-pinhead will turn the doctor loose on Zippy… Yes, this pirate spends a lot of tube time with emacs and a glass of scotch. Probably not stealthy, but much more fun!
Ctrl+中指か薬指を使うキー操作が多いEmacsで指の負担を軽くする方法 - ’(rubikitch wanna be (a . lisper))
To use JK to scroll.
Emacs with Wanderlust and GMail |
emacs and gmail
Hyperpolyglot: Lisp: Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp
Lisp Dialects 比較