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GOOD Transparency - Getting Around

fuel use by method of transportation. I like how 16 burgers = 1/2 gallon of gas.
fuel per passenger for 350 miles
Fuel use of various modes of transportation.
A nice graphic showing how much energy is needed for various different modes of transport. Cycling comes out best.
Google uncloaks once-secret server | Business Tech - CNET News
Google's big surprise: each server has its own 12-volt battery to supply power if there's a problem with the main source of electricity. The company also revealed for the first time that since 2005, its data centers have been composed of standard shipping containers--each with 1,160 servers and a power consumption that can reach 250 kilowatts.
Google muestra por primera vez sus servidores, de diseño propio.
I love the approach and the the fact it's unconventional and better - google servers revealed
Smart tricks to make you a Photoshop black belt | News | TechRadar UK
find new tricks and different ways to do things
10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps
Organized according to function
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Microsoft Hohm
Bringing people together to save energy and money
9 Ways I Use Evernote - The 2.0 Life
Evernote, more than any other application, is what keeps me productive, sane, and on-task. It helps me remember everything, helps me get things done, and has all manner of other purposes and uses in my life. My productivity system is based on Evernote as my inbox, my school organization is all based within Evernote, and so on and so forth. I could continue to rant and rave about how great it is, but instead I’ll tell you how it is that I use it.
10 tips for efficient design « Boagworld
WebWorkerDaily » Archive More Efficient RSS Reading «
There will always be more interesting content than I can ever read in a lifetime. Good Point!
From Web Worker Daily: The harsh reality is that there are only so many hours in the day one can spend reading and learning. Here are some tips for using your RSS reader more productively.
Rethinking the Office - Dutch Design (Plus: Pics of My Home Office) - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
Wish could try some of this at work, not really room though.
I want a writing space like this. Free of all visual distractions. While it would be impossible for my entire office to operate like this, managing legal documents, my creative endeavors could certainly be fruitful in this environment. I love it Mr. Ferriss.
Interpolis - unconventional but damn effective. (photo: jsigharas) Through simple redesign of workspaces, Interpolis of Holland increased productivity 20%, and ...
I limit misbehavior by limiting options. Notice that I have no shelves. This discourages accumulating papers and encourages both elimination and immediate digital note-taking. When in doubt, I take a digital photograph of documents (I prefer this to a scanner, which consumes real estate).
hanks to a sophisticated office structure, the headquarters of Interpolis insurance in the Dutch town of Tilburg has freed up 51 percent of their working areas, cut 33 percent of construction and equipment costs, and reduced office usage expenses by 21 percent.
Dan Ariely » Blog Archive The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective People «
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"The thing about habits is that for good and bad they require no thinking. An established habit, whether getting ready for work in the morning or having a whiskey after, is a pattern of behavior we’ve adopted—we stick to it regardless of whether it made sense when we initially adopted it, and whether it makes sense to continue with it years later. From a human irrationality perspective this means that something we do “just once” can wind up becoming a habit and part of our activities for a longer time than we envisioned. To get some insight into this process, consider the following experiment:"
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