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Editable (jQuery Editable Plugin)

This looks like the plugin/page that was used in the jQuery Drupal presentations at Drupalcon
Editable (jQuery Editable Plugin) -
Currently it can convert any tag (span, div, p and ...) to text input, password, textarea, drop-down list.
Edit-in-place with contentEditable property
Edit in place property in jQuery
Firefox 3 was released on June 17, 2008, and from that time, Firefox 2 browser share is quickly dropping. Very soon it will become inefficient to continue supporting it. And we will be able to use a lot of new Firefox 3 features, such as canvas support, CSS and DOM improvements and other. I am really glad that Firefox3 supports the “contentEditable” property. Setting this attribute to “true” allows you to make parts of a document editable. This attribute was already supported by IE6/7/8, Safari, Chrome and Opera. So now we can start using it in our applications.