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Ryan's Scraps: What's New in Edge Rails: Nested Object Forms

We were all teased a few months ago about the possibility of finally solving the nested model/complex forms problem in Rails, but were then cruelly notified that it wasn’t quite ready for prime time. But our day has come – the most requested feature for Rails 2.3, the ability to handle multiple models in a single form, is here.
Scheduled for Rails 2.3
Edge: 36 ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD —  By Rebecca Newberger Goldstein
Introduction by John Brockman "What is this stuff, you ask one another," says the narrator in Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's new novel 36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction, "and how can it still be kicking around, given how much we already know?"
There's an excerpt from novel here, but the important part is the non-fiction appendix analyzing and refuting the actual arguments for God.
The World Question Center 2010
How does the Internet change the way we think?
each year this site asks major thinkers to answer a question, here, "How is the Internet changing your way of thinking?" A great question with lots of respondents' short essays--enough to keep me reading for a week.
Ruby, Rails, Web2.0 » Blog Archive » Hot in Edge Rails: Generate Rails Apps from Templates
using Jeremy McAnally's rails generator or the template feature that made it into rails core
template is able to generate a clean rails app which is basically bort (Or exactly bort. Or very similar to bort. Or similar to a bort lookalike. Or… I guess I leave this debate up to ruby lawyers, bort experts, rg zealots etc.) Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as rg was not invented to compete with bort - bort is merely used as an example because it’s probably the most popular Rails skeleton app nowadays - rg is far more general than that: an easy, concise, Rubyish way to describe your Rails app (including plugins, vendored gems, lib files, initializers and whatnot) in a very straightforward way.