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Yahoo! Messenger Emoticarolers

emoticon greetings emoticarolers (the MAKE carol)
Free eCards, Birthday and Christmas eCards, Valentine and Online Greeting Cards
also an alternative to evite. woo hoo
plan events, send ecards
MyPunchbowl eCard Studio offers hundreds of beautiful, free eCards that can be customized with colors, fonts, images, and videos. Want to share an eCard with your social network? MyPunchbowl eCard Studio provides a simple way to email your friends or share your eCard on Facebook or Twitter. So what are you waiting for? Celebrate life's milestones with a personalized, free eCard by MyPunchbowl today!
PigSpigot - Greeting Cards on Tap
f Hallmark cards and other mainstream greeting companies are too unoriginal with their wording for your taste, try Wiki-style e-card web site PigSpigot for witty e-cards that cover birthdays, holidays, and more. Touting themselves as the "anti-Hallmark with a wiki twist," PigSpigot lets you search and send e-cards for free. The site also offers the option to send free Tweet cards, as well as greetings sent via snail mail for $3.99.