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Welcome to Dweeber, a social website that connects youth and helps them get homework done faster by working with their school friends online. was created by SmartWired, a group dedicated to helping young people understand their strengths and talents, and work together more effectively with parents, mentors, and each other. SmartWired has been working with audiences around the world since 2003 to help them reach (and exceed) their potential.
Social network that visualizes communicators on little screens?
Social networking for students to discuss homework, and help each other.
Great site that allows students to collaborate in studying and project completion.
Dweeber is website for kids to write their homeworks.
social networking site for student homework collaboration. Dweeber enables students to solve problems together, participate in virtual study sessions, and communicate with friends around schoolwork in a number of ways. The collaborative whiteboard can be used to solve math and science problems or to create joint drawings and diagrams. Dweeber allows students to create a SMART profile and discover how they learn best and then apply this knowledge to improve their schoolwork and ultimately their self esteem. It is targeted towards students aged 13 and up, and is free to use.