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DVCSAnalysis - support - Analysis of Git and Mercurial - Google Code
It's Magit!

a really really great way to use git from emacs
It's Magit! A Emacs mode for Git.
Git mode for emacs
Hg-Git Mercurial Plugin
ability to push to and pull from a Git server repository from Hg
[extensions] hgext.bookmarks = hgext.hg-git = [path-to]/hg-git
iBanjo » Blog Archive » a Mercurial “super client”
hgsubversion installation guide
Re: [git pull] drm-next
MF Bliki: FeatureBranch
a result if Professor Plum is changing some code
Carsonified » Why You Should Switch from Subversion to Git
I want to share with you the concept that you can think about version control not as a neccesary inconvenience that you need to put up with in order to collaborate, but rather as a powerful framework for managing your work seperately in contexts, for being able to switch and merge between those contexts quickly and easily, for being able to make decisions late and craft your work without having to pre-plan everything all the time. Git makes all of these things easy and prioritizes them and should change the way you think about how to approach a problem in any of your projects and version control itself.
ThinkVitamin - Carsonified's blog about the web
A Guide to Branching in Mercurial / Steve Losh
Quick, clear, simple guide to the way Mercurial handles branching.
Ned Batchelder: Bare-bones basic Mercurial for Subversion users
Quick mercurial guide for svn users
Amp | Version Control Revolution
Version control (compatible with Mercurial) written in Ruby.
Mercurial ported to Ruby with very easy customization.
Amp is unlike any other VCS software to date. Amp's novel command system gives you the flexibility to customize and personalize the way you develop software. Create in your own workspace with full Mercurial compatibility, and no external dependencies.
In praise of git’s index //
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I still run into people lambasting git for the concept of the index from time to time. It seems strange and superfluous to users of other VCSs – like a speed bump that serves no purpose. Why not just commit the changes in the working copy? This perception is understandable; when I first heard of git, back as a Subversion user, I was one of these people. How times and minds change. Today, I use it and rely on it so much that I can’t imagine moving to any other VCS that doesn’t have this concept. (And none of the contemporary contenders do.) Because of this, I keep responding to such criticism, repeating myself. I figured I should put my explanation down somewhere where I can point people to.
Google Code Blog: Mercurial support for Project Hosting on Google Code
Good news everyone!
Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky
Pretty decent intro to mercurial, clear and well written. Does dabble a bit on differences to svn as well.
Distributed Version Control is here to stay, baby - Joel on Software
Joel @Spolsky likes Mercurial so much he wrote a tutorial: and – Guido van Rossum (gvanrossum)
"If you come at Mercurial with a Subversion mindset, things will almost work, but when they don’t, you’ll be confused, unhappy, and unsuccessful, and you’ll hate Mercurial. Whereas if you free your mind and reimagine version control, and grok the zen of the difference between thinking about managing the versions vs. thinking about managing the changes, you’ll become enlightened and happy and realize that this is the way version control was meant to work."
on how to think distributed....
My Common Git Workflow « Katz Got Your Tongue?
good article on git workflow