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Announcing BeautyTips, a jQuery Tooltip Plugin | Lullabot

kind of a badass tooltip plugin but, of course, IE is not going to properly support it for awhile
BeautyTips, a Tooltip Plugin for JQuery
Sunlight Labs: Blog - Content Management Systems just don't work.
The line between Content Management Systems and Application Frameworks is starting to blur and this is the core basis for this post. The comments are also great reading and provide a balanced argument for CMSs
Sunlight Labs Blog says that CMS's don't work because they contain too many 'opinions' that you won't agree with (to do with user interface and workflow) so you are better off using content frameworks.
Great observations on frameworks vs. CMSs.
good read
Kevin: Clay at Sunlight Labs talks about the issues he has with content management systems and argues that web frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails are a better option. It's an interesting wrinkle on a common discussion in the industry, and it's worth the read.
blue state digital and information on community mailing tools
I’m sorry but Dreamweaver is dying | PC Pro blog
Is till hold a torch for DreamWeaver but it's been dead since CSS went mainstream and it's WYSIWYG mode couldn't keep up.
Dreamweaver is dying, well it cant live forever.. although i loved it for putting together a quick page, but it just doesnt cut it when i need more advanced stuff.. it just starts coming in the way.. I am Linux since last couple of months anyway.. No dreamweaver here! I have better tools though.. I can write / improve more of those too ;]
CMS Toolbox
DrupalCon DC 2009 Videos |
DrupalCon DC 2009 Video
Annotated link
16 Different Clones You Can Build with Drupal
25 beautiful Drupal themes | Mogdesign
LibrarianInBlack: Recommended Online Drupal Resources
Ultimate Drupal Tutorial Collection | Mogdesign
Tutti parlano bene di Drupal, però continuano a usare Wordpress. Forse un giorno sarà il caso di andare a vedere cosa c'è di reale in Drupal e per quali applicazioni è realmente adatto.
The Ultimate Drupal Toolbox: 150+ Themes, Modules & Resources | Noupe
Drupal is one of the most popular CMSs out there, and it's no surprise considering how extensible it is. You can customize almost every aspect of it through the
Drupal is one of the most popular CMSs out there, and it’s no surprise considering how extensible it is. You can customize almost every aspect of it through the use of themes, plugins, and a little custom coding. Below are more than 150 resources to help you do just that, from themes to plugins to examples of sites running on Drupal.
200+ Massive Free Drupal Theme Compilation | tripwire magazine
It's been a while since tripwire magazine back in Frebruary provided two large collections of Drupal Themes (120 Free Essential Drupal 6.x Themes, 70 very useful Drupal 6.x Themes). Drupal is still very popular and one of the major free CMS Players b
10 must-have Linux web-based tools - Program - Linux - Builder AU,339028299,339296024,00.htm
There's no shortage of web-centric Linux tools -- the trick is figuring out which ones are best for your needs. This article offers a list of those that Jack Wallen thinks are the cream of the crop.
Open Atrium
70 beautiful Drupal sites | Mogdesign
Features | Open Atrium
Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations. It comes with six features - a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to do list, a shoutbox, and a dashboard to manage it all.
40 Professional and Free Drupal CMS Themes : Speckyboy Design Magazine
The massive Drupal community, headed by its 2000 developer account members, offer a huge range of free resources. As with the nature of anything open-source, the resources available for Drupal, are (mostly) free, professional and high quality. free drupal cms themes
Best PHP Frameworks and CMS | AjaxLine
Best PHP Frameworks and CMS
Open Source Designers - A community of practice for design & user experience people in Open Source
If you’re doing design & user experience work in an open source community, then chances are we have a lot in common – no matter what community we’re working in. We have some big challenges every day, but we also know that if we can overcome those challenges we can make a really big contribution to the sustainability and increased popularity of open source software.
Leisa Reichelt's been working on Drupal (in the open) and sent this pointer to a community for people doing UED work for open source projects
10 Drupal Modules You May Not Know About
10 Drupal Modules You May Not Know About
Top 10 Most Usable Content Management Systems - Nettuts+
There are plenty of options when it comes to picking a content management system for a development project. Depending on how advanced you need the CMS to be, what language it's built in, and who is going to be using it, it can be a nightmare trying to find the "perfect" CMS for a project.
Drupal Check / Drupal quick tips and tricks before going live!
Fantastic list of snippets to work through before deploying a live Drupal site. Feel the urge to add 'never eat yellow snow'
Things to check on your Drupal site before you go live with it.
My Aha! moments in Drupal theming | Lullabot
Nice summary of tricky, "if you don't get it, you don't get it" Drupal customization options
Building a Conference Website and Giving It All Away: How It Was Done at DrupalCampLA 2009 | was built on Drupal 6 using core & contributed modules to handle event registration, sponsorship management, featured speakers, user bio's, and session proposals.
handling of sponsorship pages example.
Drupal Sucks
a hot discussion about Drupal
Are you choosing a Content Management System for your next site? Allow me to throw in my two cents against Drupal. In theory, Drupal is a CMS that lets you control your site out of the box. In practice, it’s a nightmare to configure and maintain.
Artigo de Mariya Lysenkova sobre os pontos fracos do Drupal como gerenciador de conteúdos.
Ten Rock Solid Free Platforms To Start Your Successful Website @ SmashingApps
Now a days, unlimited websites are coming live everyday to take part in the internet world. They can be classified in business sites, blogs, social networking sites, directories, forums, e-commerce sites and many more other creative ideas applied to do something that has never been done. Today, We are compiling a list of Ten Rock Solid Free Platforms To Start Your Successful Website. These free web applications can be use in diversified ways to get your customize results for your fresh and new websites. You can easily find their showcase of running websites to get inspiration and ideas.
Creating Custom CCK Fields | Lullabot
Thoughts on the switch to Drupal - O'Reilly Radar
kommentar von o'reilly "Giving modifications back to the Drupal community is the next breakthrough announcement that I'll be looking for."
Yesterday, the new media team at the White House announced via the Associated Press that is now running on Drupal, the open source content management system. That Drupal implementation is in turn running on a Red Hat Linux system with Apache, MySQL and the rest of the LAMP stack. Apache Solr is the new White House search engine.
How to build a Social Networking Website with Drupal –
Guide pour construire un réseau social avec Drupal
Nice introductory post on putting together a social site with Drupal
Drupal or Django? A Guide for Decision Makers — scot hacker’s foobar blog
This document aims to lay out the pros and cons of two popular web publishing platforms: The PHP-based Drupal content management system (CMS) and the Python-based Django framework. It’s impossible to discuss systems like these in a non-technical way. However, I’ve tried to lay out the main points in straightforward language, with an eye toward helping supervisors make an informed choice.
Drupal represents a middle ground between framework and CMS that we’ve chosen not to take. Drupal is far more capable than a CMS like WordPress, but also much less flexible than a pure framework. But more importantly, the facts that Drupal isn’t object-oriented, isn’t MVC/MTV, doesn’t have an ORM, and is generally less flexible than a pure framework, not to mention our preference for working in Python over PHP, all contribute to our decision not to use it. In the end, a good developer can do good work with just about any system, while a bad developer can make mincemeat of even the best system. It’s not all about the platform. But modern tools and best practices in platform design go a long way toward ending up with a cleaner, faster, better-designed architecture that precisely matches the needs of your organizations, with no assumptions or historical baggage to work around.
someone asked me this very question the other day. another reference to hand out on such occasions to support my advice.
Using Views Relationships, Arguments, and Attachments | DrupalEasy
How to Evaluate What CMS to Use
Content Management Systems (CMS) have evolved into more than just publishing content, but managing your workflow as well. CMS’s nowadays allow you to easily conceive, edit, index, and publish content, while giving designers and developers more flexibility in customizing their look and functionality. Although there are many that require advanced skills to operate successfully, this article is going to cover a select few that offer a balance between design, code, and end-user usability.
40 Essential Drupal Modules | Nick Lewis: The Blog
modulos de drupal
40+ Essential Drupal Modules
Drupal Gardens | Get a Free Drupal 7 Site Here
Hosted Drupal
Launch a product, promote an event, engage a community - You can create socially smart websites and microsites that accelerate your business with Drupal Gardens.
The Ruby on Rails CMS Dilemma -
Striking a balance between custom code (Rails) and off-the-shelf software (CMS)
"Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for building web applications. Perhaps the best. But it's not currently very well suited to what I call web sites. The difference is simple. In a web site, the unique business value comes from the content creators (authors, bloggers, photographers, etc). In a web application, the business value comes directly from the programmers. Twitter, Google, Basecamp and eBay are web applications.,, corporate brand sites and original news sources are all web sites."
The Ruby on Rails CMS Dilemma
explains why rails doesn't have a good cms
Web Design: 22 Great Drupal Sites | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
A Themer's Cheatsheet | Development Seed
50 High Quality Themes for Drupal Developers - Noupe
lækre drupal themes
ธีมดูเป้า เอาไปพัฒนาต่อจ้ะ
disambiguity » design by committee vs design by community (things we learned from the project)
disambiguity - pretty design pending
Design should never be democratic, and that's easier to accomplish in a community than in a committee. Releases Open Source Code | The White House
drupal open source code at whitehouse
RT @robpierson: opensourcing of @whitehouse website = 1 step closer to @timoreilly's vision of gov as platform: http://www.whitehouse.go ...
Drupal Cheat Sheet Desktop Wallpaper - Smashing Magazine