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I’m sorry but Dreamweaver is dying | PC Pro blog

Is till hold a torch for DreamWeaver but it's been dead since CSS went mainstream and it's WYSIWYG mode couldn't keep up.
Dreamweaver is dying, well it cant live forever.. although i loved it for putting together a quick page, but it just doesnt cut it when i need more advanced stuff.. it just starts coming in the way.. I am Linux since last couple of months anyway.. No dreamweaver here! I have better tools though.. I can write / improve more of those too ;]
Top Five Web Design Tools
Adobe Edge: October 2009 - Create your first CSS-based website with Adobe Dreamweaver
the steps to creating a css syle page using dreamweaver
You can use Adobe Dreamweaver to create CSS-based layouts a couple of different ways. One approach is to use the free CSS layouts that come with Dreamweaver and then modify the provided CSS code to suit your purposes. The other approach, which we'll walk through in this tutorial, is to create CSS-based layouts from scratch.