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Working with Orthographic Projections and Basic Isometrics - VECTORTUTS
46 Sites To Get Inspired And Familiar With Hand Drawing Style | 1stwebdesigner - Love In Design

Get familiar with one of the most popular and unique web design trend - hand drawing style through many examples. Also great way to get inspired!
ze's page :: want to try something hard? voice drawing....
Using openFrameworks?
... hosheez. An etch-a-sketch controlled by the *volume of your voice*.
Ze Frank has made a Flash-based drawing application that takes sound as its input.
40 Free Tutorials on Advanced Drawing Techniques - VECTORTUTS
tutorial de tecnicas de dibujo
DemoHelper info | Stefan's Tools
GOTO meeting drawing tool
Logiciel qui permet d'écrire "manuellement" sur son écran (lors d'une présentation par exemple).
Blog Archive - 40+ Beautiful Hand-Drawn Websites - CSS Built - CSS Gallery with Best Design
Hand-drawing websites are very popular on today’s design. Some of well-known web company applies on these techniques to make a beautiful hand-drawn website for their clients. collects 40+ hand-drawn websites for your inspiration. Be inspired and enjoy! - The Game of Miscommunication
this is sooo funny to read!!!!
web game: telephone w/pictionary
Broken Picture Telephone is a game similar to the childhood game of Broken Telephone - the game in which children sit in a circle, and whisper a sentence or phrase in a circle. If you've ever played the game, you know that very quickly hilarity ensues. Broken Picture Telephone is the web-incarnation of that old children's game, with a slight variation in how it's played. Rather than whispering words to strangers around the internet, the game alternates between words and drawings.
The Tools Artists Use
What are some of your favorite drawing tools (pens, pencils, markers, drawing tablet, all of the above)? I love pens
entrevistas art ferramentas
The Tools Artists Use interviews artists from a variety of disciplines to highlight the tools and materials used in creating their art.
para ilustradores... em ingles
40+ Cartoon Character Illustration Tutorials | Tutorials | Smashing Magazine
Everybody likes cartoon characters. They make us happy and keep our mind tension-free. We present here beautiful and mind-blowing Cartoon Illustration Tutorials for you. This
some really awesome vector illustration tips | Home
Animation online - create an account and get creative.
Draw and animate online easily, collaborate with friends and other artists by reusing props.
DoInk is a place to enjoy art and animation, and make your own. Draw and animate online easily, collaborate with friends and other artists by reusing props. There's an audience here for you - So if you want to be entertained, learn something new, or create something fun, do it on DoInk. | Draw, Animate, and Collaborate
17 Open Source Tools To Draw, Edit, Layout And Animate Your Designs : OpenSource Release Feed
"วาด" ด้วยซอฟต์แวร์โอเพนซอร์ส
A Sketchy Brain Booster: Doodling | Wired Science from
doodling makes you smarter!
More doodles of infinite awesomeness. Love!
"[The] team asked 40 people to listen to a recording containing the names of people and places. Afterwards the people wrote down the names they could remember. While listening, half of the test subjects were also required to shade in shapes on a piece of paper. Afterwards, they remembered one-third more names than test subjects who didn't doodle while listening. "
Doodling improves concentration
Guide to Human Types pt 2
Artist's Guide to Human Types.
Illustration Concept Art Tutorials - Carlos Cabrera
Carlos Cabrera
+++ cool free Digital painting tutorials made by Carlos Cabrera --> NICE style --> Watch and Learn
paper beats internet
interesting concept
Digital home for entries that focus on exploring the use and relationship between hand-rendered type and images. The work is a dialogue between students and invited guest contributors with professional backgrounds in design, illustration, fine art, writing and other disciplines.
An ‘analog’ social networking site that enables it members to use hand- rendered drawings as communications tools. Users post a drawing on the Paper Beats Internet website homepage, and others can comment and respond via drawings based on the initial drawing’s theme.
5 Ways to Create Collaborative Drawings With Friends
Here are five great tools to turn drawing into a shared experience, whether collaborating on business designs or just making masterpieces with your friends.
Illustration tutorials
How to draw stuff!
40+ Fascinating Digital Painting Tutorials - Psdtuts+
Digital paintings are one art and design trend that isn't going away any time soon. Digital paintings (examples) are vibrant, display well on screen and take advantage of new technologies like the graphics tablet to make the digital look traditional. If you're interested in learning to create art through this medium, here are over 40 tutorials to help you begin (or continue) the adventure.
Sweet digital painting tutorials
どんなにへたくそでも一日後には絵が上手くなる方法:ハムスター速報 2ろぐ
It might be lovely. I can use this meta servise to cool useful
cool sketches
TwitPaint - Twitterでお絵かきしよう
TwitPaint lets you paint graffiti and post it on Twitter.
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
Anyone who works with LaTeX knows how time-consuming it can be to find a symbol in symbols-a4.pdf that you just can't memorize. Detexify is an attempt to simplify this search.
LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
super neato
Gives Latex syntax for characters by hand-drawing them.
Slatebox :: Visualize Everything - Welcome!
Mapping ideas and collaborating.
This is the ultimate tool for creating "web 2.0" style mind maps and organizational charts.
Untitled Document
3D drawing software demonstration
so cool!
Wow, amazing!
dessin vectoriel avec courbe de bésier mais en 3D, réalisé par James Paterson, le logiciel s'appelle Rhonda et est développé par Amit Pitaru
James Paterson and Amit Pitaru
James Paterson is using "Rhonda", a 3D drawing tool developed by Amit Pitaru circa 2003.
beautiful little 2d drawing tool
Makes drawing fully realized forms seem relatively easy. ( via @jackcheng )
Coffee Cups - a set on Flickr
I should buy one to impress anyone I want to impress with ...
set de copos de café desenhados !
doodle on Styrofoam cups
Simply birolliant - the incredible 10ft 'photographs' drawn with a ballpoint pen | Mail Online
10' tall.
photorealistische Bilder mit einen blauen Kugelschreiber gemalt...geil
They may look like pin-sharp photographs - but these amazing pictures are actually drawings created with the humble ballpoint pen. The stunning pictures, measuring up to 10ft high, were drawn by a rising star of the art world, Juan Francisco Casas. Casas, 31, can use up to four 14p ballpoint pens for a canvas and his works are already a sell-out at exhibitions. Formerly a traditional painter, Juan began the drawings three years ago based on photographs of nights out with his friends.
Juan Francisco Casas
YouTube - Ivan Sutherland's Sketchpad
Demo of an incredible vector drawing application written by Ivan Sutherland in 1963.
can't be as good as everything
Developed in 1963, decades ahead of its time. Fascinating.
Ivan Sutherland
twitdraw | Draw Graffiti on Twitter!
Draw Graffiti on Twitter!
para dibujar
MAIN : Daniel Park
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Dan spent his youth playing soccer, shooting things with his slingshot, and working on his art. In 2002, he moved to New York City to further his studies at the School of Visual Arts under the guidance of Tom Woodruff. His interests range from theology and film to the UFC.
50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing | Tutorials | Smashing Magazine
Traditional drawing is certainly way harder than digital and it is true that people are able to progress much faster digitally, but one should learn the traditional type of drawing and painting before starting digital drawing, since it often lays out the foundation for screen design. This article contains a mixture of traditional drawing tutorials, drawing techniques and some methods for transforming and preparing your creations for screen design. Some are intermediate level and some are advanced tutorials that include general theory, useful tips, comic inspired art, sketch a pencil drawing, coloring processing, character sketching, shapes, proportional, perspective and much more. We hope that drawing tutorials and techniques in this post will be a great help to you.
Traditional drawing is certainly way harder than digital and it is true that people are able to progress much faster digitally, but one should learn
Free Icon Maker.
If you don't want to spend time micro-designing an icon and you've already got a source image, SimplyIcon makes creating your buttons and icons a drag-and-drop matter. Download the SimplyIcon package, extract the executable and DLL file to a folder, run the program, and you're presented with a simple dialogue box and the instructions to drag and drop an image onto it. Once you drag and drop the image, SimplyIcon creates a variety of icon files in various sizes—up to 128x128 if you source image is large enough. You won't find any image editing tools or tweaks on SimplyIcon, it accepts whatever image you drag into it and cranks out an icon file. If that's good enough for you, it's definitely a download you'll want to keep stashed in your home folder.
Carsonified » How to Draw with HTML 5 Canvas
Une petite introduction à l'émément CANEVAS en HTML5
15 Of The Best Character Illustration Tutorials Online | Tutorial9
Tired of your character designs looking like glorified clip art? The round up of character design tutorials will show you how to not only create amazing character design, but also how to take them to the next level.
Cool Illustrated Facial Expressions | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Expresiones faciales
colorful scribble drawings
Draw the sketch of your accident online and free
Draw a perfect sketch of the accident online just with a few mouse clicks and add your sketch to your personal digital accident report. Including helpful advices for your settlement of claim.
AccidentSketch uses a simple template system. Cars, road segments, signs, pedestrians, and more all snap to the grid and in the case of small objects like signs can be moved from there. You can change the colors of things, zoom in and out to get as close or wide as you need, and even assign information to parties involved like the license plate numbers of the cars in the accident. Once you create a diagram you can also generate a text-based report to fill in details that can't be easily conveyed by the picture. When you're done you've got a tidy accident sketch and report to submit to the interested parties. The service is free and requires no registration.
Picasso: Drawing With Light - Photo Gallery, 13 Pictures - LIFE
Life Magazine catalogue of Picasso's "Light Drawings."
PhotoSketch: better than sliced bread, Photoshop | The Web Life |
RT @jamesladd: Oh My Gosh - Awesome [from]
This link is a blog post on Ziff about an upcoming software program that it takes a rough, hand-drawn sketch, scours the web for photos that match, and runs them through an algorithm, stitching it all together. There's a 3 minute 43 second video embedded on the blog post that illustrates the capability of this program developed by Chinese students. It's pretty amazing.
it takes a rough, hand-drawn sketch, scours the web for photos that match, and runs them through an algorithm, stitching it all together.
2009-10-13 17:50:55 <eve>
A blog that shows the process of creating comics pages from initial sketches to finished piece.
30 Artistic and Creative Photoshop Poster Tutorials : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Creating a Super Detailed Illustration Step by Step with OwaikeO | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Tutorial de como se fazer uma ilustração detalhada
FlockDraw is the most seamless realtime collaborative drawing tool ever.
Art sharing
"Paint a simple masterpiece. Make a point visually."
Great way to collaborate on basic drawings. Online tool.
40+ Excellent Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials | Graphics
free drawing tool. no account needed, floating pallets.
Online sketching tool
This is a free tool for sketching and experimenting with textures and colors.
The Top 10 Vector Plus Tutorials of All Time - Vectortuts+
Vector Plus launched in late September 2008. Since then we've added dozens of tutorials for Plus members and hundreds of Illustrator and InDesign source files.
GALLERY/gabriel moreno
Phenomenally gifted pen & ink illustrator. totally awe-inspiring
25 High-Quality, Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Creating Cute Characters - Vectortuts+
create characters
Letters of Note: Your pal, John K.
Wonderful letter to fan from Ren and Stimpy guy
"In 1998, aged just 14, aspiring young cartoonist Amir Avni decided to get in touch with the creator of Ren & Stimpy, John Kricfalusi. Being a hardcore fan of Kricfalusi's work, Amir sent him an introductory letter along with a few cartoons he'd drawn, some of which contained relatively unknown characters of John's. To call Kricfalusi's response 'generous' would be an understatement."
Inklet Trackpad Tablet
Inklet allows your trackpad to emulate a pen tablet. When you're using a Pogo Sketch, the trackpad even becomes pressure sensitive.
Trackpad tablet for MacBook
Draw on your MacBook Pro trackpad
35 Tutorials and Guides for Working With Wacom Tablets | Vandelay Design Blog
Rad how to
Disclaimer: in no way can you take any of this as the “right” way of doing things. I’m still learning and some of this stuff may even be wrong. I am constantly adapting and changing my approach to drawing. This is just how I think about stuff and I wanted to share it with people. Maybe it can help, maybe not.
Designing inspiration
Official Google Docs Blog: Drawing on your creativity in Docs
RT @courosa: RT @mslinch: Just when you thought Google Docs couldn't get any cooler: [from]
Now you can create and insert rich, colorful drawings into documents, presentations and spreadsheets, to illustrate your ideas or just for fun
I'm excited to tell you about Insert Drawing, a new feature we've added to Google Docs. Now you can create and insert rich, colorful drawings into documents, presentations and spreadsheets, to illustrate your ideas or just for fun. It's easy to create drawings using lines, free hand scribbles, text labels and a large choice of shapes that you can move, resize, rotate and adjust. Group, order, align and distribute and other features are available when you select objects you've drawn. You can also customize a range of shape properties, from line widths to fill color, and from arrowheads to font size, and much more. If you change your mind, there is undo and redo. You can collaborate with a friend or colleague on a drawing, or work alone, just as you can in Google Docs today.
Insert Drawing, a new feature we've added to Google Docs. Now you can create and insert rich, colorful drawings into documents, presentations and spreadsheets, to illustrate your ideas
Google-dokumenttien piirtotyökalu.
SVG-edit demo
Browser based SVG editor!
javascript SVG editor. Combine with firebug and watch it generate and manipulate SVG markup as you draw.
In-browser svg editor; edit and save files
flame | peter blaskovic | escape motions
Flame drawing tool creates abstract desktop backgrounds
Harmony - Procedural drawing tool
Procedural drawing tool
HTML5 drawing tool
It's amazing what you can do with HTML5. If I were Adobe, I'd be more than a little worried right now.
Canvas driven drawing app.
The Mechanics of Comics - VECTORTUTS
Harmony - Procedural drawing tool
Scribbler :: Mario Klingemann update ::
Make Watercolor and Marker Style Portraits with Illustrator
Make Watercolor and Marker Style Portraits with Illustrator -
Harmony - Procedural drawing tool
Fajne rysowanie
Interesting sketching tool that makes otherwise-boring line drawings look very cool.
nice sketches
Sketchbooks of a Web Developer | LOOKS GOOD Design Magazine
te by Nathan Smith
So Moved - And the Pursuit of Happiness Blog -
Ajaxian » Using Polygonal CSS for imageless tooltips and more
Tooltips ohne Bilder
Using Polygonal CSS for imageless tooltips and more
画像を使わず、css のみで吹き出し。
Ajaxian magazine » Using Polygonal CSS for imageless tooltips and more
English Russia » Hermetic Art
Interesting news from Russia in English language.
Alex Andreev
Board800 : Flex / Flash / Red5 based Interactive Whiteboard
Board800 es una nueva herramienta que permite a varios usuarios compartir un mismo panel de dibujo por Internet. Puede utilizarse para fines educativos, por ejemplo, ya que al fin y al cabo no deja de ser una pizarra en la que todos pueden ver el contenido al mismo tiempo que se publica.
Interactive multi-user (shared) whiteboard application.
A wireframe kit for Google Drawings and 5 reasons it beats Omnigraffle and Visio - Morten Just
Wireframe kit for Google Drawings & why it's better than Omnigraffle & Visio -
Creative Sessions | Tuts+
50 Inspiring Examples of Hand Drawn Elements in Web Design | Inspiration
Hand drawn elements are a really good way to give your website a cool touch! You can do that by adding a nice hand drawn illustration to your page, a stylish hand draw font, icon, some lines, characters or any other thing you want. Hand drawn elements can give your website an informal look... they can add personality and humor to it. — Draw something and share it!
Draw something and share it!
Draw anything you like and share it instantly via email, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook and more!
Easy way to draw and embed.
Sketchbook Secrets: 50 Beautiful Sketchbook Scans
רישומים של מחברות
50 Beautiful Sketchbook Scans
The sketchbook is an artist's BFF. It's a place where artists can most comfortably explore their personal thoughts, practice, maintain a visual history, and keep unpolished sketches that will eventually lead to amazing work. When we're lucky, we get to see behind the scenes. Here 50 beautiful sketchbook scans from 35 talented artists.
sketchbooks fodas..
6 Totally Essential Photoshop Skills Even Your Mom Should Know - Page 1 | Maximum PC is the best online resource for PC Features. Visit Maximum PC and read about 6 Totally Essential Photoshop Skills Even Your Mom Should Know.
Drawings of Scientists
From Pedro on FriendFeed:
[Found via Pedro Beltrão] "Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab."
percepcion de los científicos
Scientists - they CAN be col. Sweet before and after drawings of what kids think scientists are about
Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab. Lovely.
"Seventh graders describe scientists before and after a visit to Fermilab" AWESOME
60 Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design | Inspiration
The great thing about web design is that we have an enormous range of styles, techniques and ideas to implement when designing. You can go from Super Clean and Minimal Layouts to Colorful Layouts, and you can use Huge Typography or Hand Drawn elements – as long as you keep your style and give your website your own personality. As illustration is somewhere in between those options and is something that can be used to give your website a very unique touch, we decided to gather 60 excellent examples of illustration in web design. There should be plenty here to inspire you.
Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung
Not a fan of cats, but this guy is damn good.
صور ماكانت اتوقع انها عبارة عن رسمات بقلم الرصاص لفنان صيني – سعود الهواوي (saud264)
50 Sketching Resources for User Experience Designers | inspireUX - User Experience quotes and articles to inspire and connect the UX community
10 Sites That Will Teach You How To Draw Well
10 Sites That Will Teach You How To Draw Well – Delicious Popular (twittilicious)
RT @delicious50: 10 Sites That Will Teach You How To Draw Well
TMsprl | Advertising | Shop</a><br> <a class='g' href=''></a><br> <blockquote>cadernos com linhas diferentes (irregulares)</blockquote> <blockquote>inspiration pad</blockquote> <a href=''><title>TMsprl | Advertising | Shop</a><br> <a class='g' href=''></a><br> <blockquote>cadernos com linhas diferentes (irregulares)</blockquote> <blockquote>inspiration pad</blockquote> <a href=''><title>TMsprl | Advertising | Shop</a><br> <a class='g' href=''></a><br> <blockquote>cadernos com linhas diferentes (irregulares)</blockquote> <blockquote>inspiration pad</blockquote> <br> <br> <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "UA-50683-2"; urchinTracker(); </script> </body> </html>