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Half an Hour: Blogs in Education

An article Stephen Downes is/was preparing for submission to a forthcoming STRIDE handbook for The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
What is a blog? Why use blogs in education? How to use blogging in Learning?
What is a Blog?Definition, good practices, ... For education purpose.
Stephen Downes
A blog is a personal website that contains content organized like a journal or a diary. Each entry is dated, and the entries are displayed on the web page in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent entry is posted at the top. Readers catch up with blogs by starting at the top and reading down until they encounter material they’re already read. Though blogs are typically thought of as personal journals, there is no limit to what may be covered in a blog. It is common for people to write blogs to describe their work, their hobbies, their pets, social and political issues, or news and current events. And while blogs are typically the work of one individual, blogs combining contributions of several people, ‘group blogs’, are also popular.
Why and how to use blogs in the classroom.
Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind
21st century skills are, in short, an operating system for the mind.