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ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Release Candidate Now Available - ScottGu's Blog
Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework Using C#

Compiler hackers are celebrities in the world of computer science. I've seen Anders Hejlsberg deliver a presentation at the Professional Developers Conference and then walk off stage to a herd of men and women asking him to sign books and pose for photographs. There's a certain intellectual mystique about individuals who dedicate their time to learning and understanding the ins and outs of lambda expressions, type systems, and assembly languages. Now, you too can share some of this glory by writing your own compiler for the Microsoft® .NET Framework.
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Hanselman List of Podcasts for .NET Programmers
A comprehensive list of podcasts (mostly .Net specific)
Moserware: How .NET Regular Expressions Really Work
13 ASP.NET MVC extensibility points you have to know - Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension
Remove the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant (ClickOnce) Firefox Extension
The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 update, pushed through the Windows Update service to all recent editions of Windows in February 2009, installs the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant firefox extension without asking your permission.
do you know anything about this?
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 installs a massive security vulnerability in Firefox, without asking for permission. How to remove it
tweetsharp - Google Code
csharp-sqlite - Project Hosting on Google Code
GitSharp - eqqon
Inspiration for API for versioning XBRL instance document
Functional Programming for Everyday .NET Development
DotNetSurfers Blog - My Dot Net Developer’s tools list, and more…
15 Excellent And Useful Microsoft Silverlight Tutorials & Resources @ SmashingApps
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Tutoriály nejen pro Silverlight
silverlight samples - YES!
60+ .NET libraries every developer should know about.
60 .Net Libraries
Yedda Twitter Library, FileHelpers Library, Elmah, Log4Net, Enterprise DT FTP Library, HtmlAgilityPack, OpenAuth Library etc etc
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - The Weekly Source Code 34 - The Rise of F#
Some very good notes about F#.
Great list of F# links and tutorials and other stuff.
8 Websites Every Microsoft .NET Developer Should Know About |
There are currently millions of developers worldwide that are using Microsoft.NET technologies. If you are one of them or want to become one, then each of the
10 C# Shorthands that improve productivity | Martijn's C# Programming Blog
Tools and Utilities for the .NET Developer
Great tools and utilities more suited to .NET development
List of software and online tools for developers. Not necessarily .NET, but something for any developer.