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Donation Usability: Increasing Online Giving to Non-Profits and Charities (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

be clear with mission/goals/objective and scaled down ecommerce donation (when using 3rd-party payment, integrate it or users may get stumped)
Key factors: The organization's mission, goals, objectives, and work. How it uses donations and contributions.
"Non-profits would collect much more from their websites if only they'd clearly state what they are about and how they use donations. Our new usability studies revealed considerable frustration as potential donors visited sites and tried to discern various organizations' missions and goals — which are key factors in their decisions about whether to give money."
Jacob Nielson, online donations. See methodology notes.
Auctions for Free Stuff -
very user gets free credits. Earn more by selling stuff you don't need. Use credits to bid on the things you want!
Every user gets free credits. Earn more by selling stuff you don't need. Use credits to bid on the things you want!
Making a Donation Center With PHP, MySQL and PayPal’s APIs – Tutorialzine
PayPal provides numerous APIs and integration options for third-party developers. One of these is the Donation button, which you can generate straight from PayPal’s site and include directly into your pages. Conversion rate for these buttons is typically minimal, but the right incentive can make a big difference. The idea is to have a dedicated Donation Center. This is a place, where you get to see what a difference your donation would make, and a list of people who have already donated. After choosing the amount you wish to donate and clicking the button, you are redirected to to complete the transaction. After this is done, you are redirected back to the donation center where you can fill a form and get included in the official Donor List.
Warren Buffett pledge as part of the $600 billion challenge - Jun. 16, 2010
Too often, a vast collection of possessions ends up possessing its owner. The asset I most value, aside from health, is interesting, diverse, and long-standing friends. My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest. Both my children and I won what I call the ovarian lottery.
Warren Buffett has committed to giving away 99% of his wealth. Now, he explains his thinking in this remarkable op-ed.
"Fate's distribution of long straws is wildly capricious." - Warren Buffett / I have huge respect for this man.