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English Russia » Smartest Dogs: Moscow Stray Dogs

“Sometimes dogs are doing mistakes adapting in metro, but they are studying.” via donna
Interesting news from Russia in English language.
who russian dogs adapt to their urban environment, ride subway cars, scare people into dropping food. little grifters. / Reportage - Moscow’s stray dogs
They look like a breed apart. I moved to Moscow with my family last year and was startled to see so many stray dogs. Watching them over time, I realised that, despite some variation in colour – some were black, others yellowish white or russet – they all shared a certain look. They were medium-sized with thick fur, wedge-shaped heads and almond eyes. Their tails were long and their ears erect.
Moscow’s stray dogs
Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall Video
Gotta catch that car...gotta catch that car!
Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video
Dog Having a Blast in the Snow - Video
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Cute friendship