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Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction -

Lists website resources that can be used to meet different multiple intelligence profiles
Differentiate-with-Technology - home
Discusses how to differentiate using Web 2.0 technology.
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differentiate with technology
Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology | Edutopia
Ten Tips for Personalized Learning via Technology - Differentiated Instruction - – nancyrubin (nancyrubin)
To challenge and support each child at his or her own level, the educators of Forest Lake Elementary deploy a powerful array of digital-technology tools. Discover what your school can learn.
Personalize learning via technology-Edutopia
This article discusses integrating technology into the classroom. As schools become more diverse it becomes more important to diversify and personalize lessons. Rubenstein (2010) discusses a South Carolina elementary school that uses a wide array of technology tools. Although having the gadgets available is the first step, using them effectively to create lessons that are productive and engage the students is critically important. Rubenstein (2010) offers 10 tips from Forest Lake's teachers on how to achieve this goal.