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When GitHub goes down... — ones zeros majors and minors

How to recover your project if git hub goes down.
Thanks! I am going to cancel my github account so this will be useful
git instaweb --httpd=webrick FTW.
Phusion’s One Year Anniversary Gift: Phusion Passenger 2.2.0 « Phusion Corporate Blog
Phusion Passenger now supports nginx - which is absolutely cool.
Set Up Your Server Right, Part 1 « Envy Labs
how to setup ubuntu server "right" really good guide on basics of setting up server
I am going to go through a series of blog posts explaining a lot of tips, tricks, and best practices for setting up a single server and the general small infrastructures. Today we are going to hit the basics — what I consider to be the bare minimum necessary to get an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server ready to go and serving your rails application
Deployment Script Spring Cleaning - GitHub
information on speeding up Capistrano deployment scripts
A great article with chunks of details regarding how github reduced their deploy time from 15 minutes to 14 seconds. w00t!
Git based capistrano deployment
A Django Development Environment with zc.buildout — Stereoplex
This article will show you how to create a repeatable Django development environment from scratch using zc.buildout.
Buildout is a tool for reliably creating reproducible software builds. It was originally developed by Zope Corporation, and is often used in Zope builds; however, there's no dependency on Zope. You can use it to build pretty much anything. And I'm going to show you how to get a Django build up and running using it.
A Django Development Environment with zc.buildout
django buildout cfg for easy setup
CPANモジュールをスクリプト一発で依存解決しつつrpm化する - とあるはてな社員の日記