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The World's New Numbers

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“Here lies Europe, overwhelmed by Muslim immigrants and emptied of native-born Europeans.” That is the obituary some pundits have been writing in recent years. But neither the immigrants nor the Europeans are playing their assigned roles.
Apparently Europe is no longer going to be drowned in a sea of Muslim babies. Because I know you were all so worried.
"At the turn of this century, the conventional wisdom among demographers was that the population of Europe was in precipitous decline, the Islamic world was in the grip of a population explosion, and Africa’s population faced devastation by HIV/AIDS. Only a handful of scholars questioned the idea that the Chinese would outnumber all other groups for decades or even centuries to come. In fact, however, the latest UN projections suggest that China’s population, now 1.3 billion, will increase slowly through 2030 but may then be reduced to half that number by the end of the ­century." Fascinating article on demography, including the prediction that in 2050, Africa will have a majority of the world's Christians, in addition to being the demographic center of Islam.
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Graphic comparisons of the US to other countries in the areas of life expectancy, education, etc.
World Affairs Journal - Drunken Nation: Russia’s Depopulation Bomb
The statistics and causes of Russia's startling post-Soviet population decline...
"The upsurge of illness and mortality, furthermore, has been disproportionately concentrated among men and women of working age—meaning that Russia’s labor force has been shrinking more rapidly than the population overall."