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we have to stop meeting like this - SGA fic: "You Might", Part 1/2

"Let's see what else you've named in the Pegasus galaxy," John said and fired up the engines.
Wherein the team encountered an alternative universe where Sheppard never joined SGC/SGA and as a result, operates on a different time schedule. During their brief interaction, Rodney advises AU!Rodney to find Sheppard and once AU!Atlantis saves the galaxy, AU!Rodney gates back to Earth and starts on a quest to find this John Sheppard and recruit him for the Atlantis Expedition. | Excerpt: "Find John Sheppard. Convince him to join. You need him. You really, really need him."
"Yes. We had some trouble with the Ancient gene." "Or the lack thereof," the alternate Rodney added. "They wouldn't let us embark without a gene carrier with a certain level of control over the Ancient technology." Rodney frowned. They'd had a carrier served to them on a silver platter in their universe. "So you haven't met John Sheppard, ATA wonderboy, then?" "Don't you listen? We've never heard of him." Sheppard had gone disturbingly quiet. Rodney could relate. He had difficulty imagining an Atlantis without Sheppard, too. The tablet in Rodney's hand beeped.
Rodney pored over the files he'd printed out. With every page he turned, this trip felt less and less like a sensible idea. Rodney had no trouble imagining the response he would get when he walked up to Sheppard, a millionaire, and suggested, 'Hey, how about you drop everything, leave your business and your huge mansion, and come with us to another galaxy, where you're probably going to die within a month or two? Are you in?"
Daedalus Variations
Tag to Daedalus Variations. When canon!Rodney sees another puddlejumper, he tells his alternate self to find John Sheppard and make sure he is involved in the Stargate program at all costs. What Rodney discovers is a millionaire Sheppard - how is he to convince this man to join a ragtag group in outer space? ;)
Find John Sheppard. Convince him to join. You need him. You really, really need him."
A Rodney from the Daedalus Variations goes looking for a Sheppard, who turns out to be a businessman.
When Rodney, in his endless ingenuity, figured out a way to get the Daedalus back to their own reality, it didn't seem enough to just announce this to the team over the radio. He made his way to the bridge, tablet in hand.