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How to Stop Accumulating Books - wikiHow

How to Stop Accumulating Books
Why would I stop accumulating books? I just need to trade and donate out some of my overflow that's all! Whats wrong with sagging shelves on every wall and boxes stacked all over the place? WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? I would recommend AGAINST following most of the suggestions given in this article, other than giving away books no longer wanted. DO NOT put labels on your book spines or shelve different-sized books together (keep same-sized volumes together even if they are unrelated). I will eat your family if you do.
1. Cull your existing collection. Look in the yellow pages of your local phone book under "Books - Used." Sites like and allow individuals to sell books. break your books up into the following piles, and decide which ones get to stay: Reference books. Books you've already read, that you want to keep. Books you haven't read yet. Set a "read-to-purchase ratio". Make a “syllabus” of books to read. pick out the next 10-14 books you want to read. Make a "to buy" list. If you buy a book, immediately get rid of a book you already have. Use the library: most library systems will lend you books from anywhere in their system. Use the library for downloading ebooks: many libraries offer a service that allows you to download ebooks to your pc. Purchase and collect your books on an e-Book reader (like Kindle Wireless). If you have room for them and you still think "I'm going to read (or re-read) that someday", keep them.
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How to Declutter an Entire Room in One Go | Zen Habits
Sure. Like that's even possible.
My family is moving to another house this coming weekend, and to prepare for the move, we’re going through the entire house and getting rid of stuff we don’t need.
Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Make an Inventory of Your Home ... And Use It to Declutter
A home inventory list serves multiple purposes. It provides documentation of your belongings for an insurance company if your home is burglarized or damaged
A Simple Guide to Keeping Your Counters Clutter-free | Zen Habits
RT @zen_habits New on Zen Habits: A Simple Guide to Keeping Your Counters Clutter-free [from]
Clutter: Declutter Your Home with a Detailed Inventory
cool website, and cool downloads.
Top 10 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life, 2010 Edition - Clutter - Lifehacker
The End-All Guide to Getting Out From Under Your Office Crap
So you've got a messy office you'd like to tame. We've all been there, and many of us still are there. You may think that the people behind your favorite productivity and organization blogs are immune to such things like clutter and disorganization, but more often than not we're brimming with organization tips, tricks, and solutions because of our own struggles with disorganization. Check out
Get rid of office clutter.