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i suspect this'll be pretty big
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Hunch helps you make decisions and gets smarter the more you use it.
Over beslissingen en advies. Van een van de oprichters van Flickr. Nog niet kunnen uittesten, is nog in beta stadium, alleen op uitnodiging. Kan interessant zijn. Hunch!
In addition to helping you climb the decision tree, Hunch asks you a bunch of questions about yourself to find out more about what you're like and what you like. Hunch creates a kind of "taste profile" of you and people like you, which combine with topic-specific questions to deliver a hunch just for you. Hunch!
A site that makes decisions for you.
Look. Decision-making is difficult, and decisions have to be made constantly. What should I be for Halloween? Do I need a Porsche? Does my hipster facial hair make me look stupid? Is Phoenix a good place to retire? Whom should I vote for? What toe ring should I buy?
Decision Making College Major Career Jobs
A decision making tool that helps you organize your thoughts.
Decision Making College Major Career Jobs Web site Let Simon Decide is a decision-making application intended to walk you through important decisions one step at a time. (lifehacker)
Decision Making College Major Career Jobs
Pro Con Lists
Weigh your options.
Create a pro con list now or browse other user's lists. Great for product reviews or making big decisions.
Weighing pros and cons of an issue
The Fine Art of Decision-Making – 7 Tips for Getting Decisions Made Easier | Zen Habits
zen The Fine Art of Decision-Making – 7 Tips for Getting Decisions Made Easier: Get to decisions quickly and.. [from]
Reading about decision making: [from]
I usually just read these and go "that's nice" and move on. But I think I might put these into practice. and the masses go "yeah right Jay, I'll believe #5 when I see it"
More often than not, these agreements are made through email which is far from perfect. Noted tech blogger Robert Scoble suggested last October that the number of emails required to get something done is equal to the number of people involved squared, i.e. eight people results in 64 emails. Sounds about right to me.
Decision-Making Models In Web Development - Smashing Magazine
While some people naturally make good decisions, others struggle and need the support of a model or framework, in the same way that some people naturally make balanced Web designs and others prefer the help of a layout grid.