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A List Apart: Articles: Advanced Debugging with JavaScript
HTTPの通信状況をデバッグしてボトルネックを発見できる「HttpWatch Basic Edition」 - GIGAZINE

YAML Debug - an assistive code diagnostic tool for web developers
… an assistive tool for web developers, that allows you to quickly review code quality and semantic structure of any website (particularly those based on YAML) as well as testing it against common oversights.
Re: Not an awk question
We called it the Rubber Duck method of debugging. It goes like this:
We called it the Rubber Duck method of debugging. It goes like this: 1) Beg, borrow, steal, buy, fabricate or otherwise obtain a rubber duck (bathtub variety) 2) Place rubber duck on desk and inform it you are just going to go over some code with it, if that's all right. 3) Explain to the duck what you code is supposed to do, and then go into detail and explain things line by line 4) At some point you will tell the duck what you are doing next and then realise that that is not in fact what you are actually doing. The duck will sit there serenely, happy in the knowledge that it has helped you on your way.
"We called it the Rubber Duck method of debugging. It goes like this:"
rubber duck method of debugging
we call it the rubber duck method of debugging
My favorite.
The rubber duck debugging method
I have to get a rubber duck.
> There is an entire development methodology (whose name escapes me at the moment) that makes use of that very phenomenon. We called it the Rubber Duck method of debugging. It goes like this:
Mistä saisin sopivan ankan?
Christoph Dorn - All around the PHP Toolchain » Blog Archive » Integrating FirePHP for Ajax Development
Integrating FirePHP for Ajax Development
Tutorial für den Einsatz von FirePHP (Extension für Firebug)
There are many integrated development environments and tools available to aid in building Web 2.0 AJAX applications with PHP, but nothing comes close to the ease of use and tight Firebug integration that FirePHP provides.
Google Japan Blog: C++ のプログラムのデバッグを楽にする方法
Google 流 C++ プログラムのデバック方法
Particletree » PHP Quick Profiler
PHP Quick Profiler
In our company, code reviews play an integral part in the development process for making quality software. We opt for a mentor style approach with Wufoo, where a developer works on a segment for a period of time and then passes it up to a more experienced developer for review. We really like this approach because it means more developers become familiar with the foundation of different code level services. More importantly, they act as an additional safeguard against security holes, memory leaks, poor queries and heavy file structures. Unfortunately, these reviews are also very time consuming and in a small team can sometimes be an inconvenience to the reviewer — another developer with their own todo list to accomplish.
PHP Form Performance
blackbirdjs - Google Code
Blackbird offers a dead-simple way to log messages in JavaScript and an attractive console to view and filter them. You might never use alert() again.
javascript logging utility
Great looking js logging console for all browsers
JavaScript Debugging Techniques in IE 6
JavaScript Debugging
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 is almost universally hated by web developers. Fortunately, with the help of Visual Studio and by changing a few IE settings, we can make it much easier on ourselves.
実行中のアプリケーションを外から観察するコマンド。 - こせきの技術日記
AS3 SWF Profiler » Lost In Actionscript - Shane McCartney
Example of ActionScript profiler to track framerate or memory usage
This handy script applies a profiler option to the right click Flash Context Menu which allows you to debug or track the current FPS or memory used by your SWF. Further to this it also stores a configurable history length of the frame rate and memory performance for the SWF.
SWF Profiler
Flash の メモリ使用量やフレームレートなどのパフォーマンスが分かるライブラリ。
How to Debug PHP Using Firefox with FirePHP
Typically, there are two main ways of debugging server-side code: you can utilize an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with a built-in debugger or log and perform your debugging processes in a web browser.
BlueScreenView - View blue screen of death (STOP error) information.
Blue screen of death analysis
Goes through Windows' crash logs and re-displays every BSOD to assist you in debugging later. Portable. Could be handy.
ブラウザを選ばずWebテストを自動化するSelenium (1/3) - @IT
How to Debug Bash Scripts | Ayman Hourieh's Blog
On how to trace Bash script execution.
Python Debugging Techniques | Ayman Hourieh's Blog
code.interact(), Python debugger and logging
und the current line. Let's give it a try:
Finding and fixing memory leaks in Python - amix blog
"WSGI middleware which displays sparklines of Python object counts and allows you to introspect them, using the gc module under the hood"
Finding and fixing memory leaks can be a real challenge, but luckily Python has some pretty good tools for spotting these things. I have already written about this issue and this post will go into more details on how to spot and debug a memory leak in MySQLdb, which is the standard Python wrapper for MySQL.
Stephen Oney @ Carnegie Mellon
FireCrystal is a Firefox extension that helps designers and programmers alike figure out how interactive behaviors on the web work. FireCrystal allows users to "rewind" their interactions with web pages while showing the relevant code.
track DOM changes
@igrigorik: "nifty FF extension for replaying / rewinding DOM changes:" (from
Carsonified » How to Debug in PHP
Great look at Debugging PHP - Useful for anyone really
【ハウツー】Webデバッガに新星登場!? 操作を記録し、イベント/DOMを一発解析 - FireCrystal (1) FireCrystalとは | エンタープライズ | マイコミジャーナル
>>FireCrystalはThe MIT Licenseのもとで公開されている<< >>Webページ上でユーザの操作を記録し、内部でどのようなイベント発生・DOM操作がおこなわれたかを解析して、時系列で表示する。<< >>FireCrystalを使用すればJavaScriptの各所にブレークポイントをわざわざしかける必要もなく、記録開始ボタンを押す→操作をおこなう→記録停止ボタンを押すだけでどこでどのイベントが発生し、DOMの操作がおこなわれたかがわかるようになる。<< >.FireCrystalは現在、アルファ版として位置づけられている。大量のJavaScriptが埋めこまれているWebページで FireCrystalを使用すると、解析に時間がかかったりFirefoxごとクラッシュする場合があると公式サイトでアナウンスがされている。<< >>一部の環境ではセグメンテーションフォルトを起こしてクラッシュする報告もあがっている。利用する際はくれぐれも注意されたい。<< >>どのようなイベントが発生し、どのようなDOM操作がおこなわれたかをバルーンで表示してくれる。<< >>DOM操作の瞬間がアニメーションで表示される<<
Plumber Jack: Python Logging 101
formaldehyde - Project Hosting on Google Code
sounds super useful, wish there was something like this for flash.
PHP debug info for the client side
Include-olsz egy php fájl a forrásodban, plusz egy plugint felresz, és máris van egy php debuggered a böngésződben a Firebug-ba beépülve.
Output PHP debug info to client side.
awesome looking in-browser PHP debugger - nearly as nice as the werkzeug ine is for Python. "I develop PHP async interactions via ActionScript and LoadVars, Ajax, or Remote Scripting before, since year 2000 but for some reason I have never thought about a portable, scalable, simple, and complete debugger file as Formaldehyde is. I hope you'll appreciate its simplicity, its basic and useful features, and I am waiting for your feedback in WebReflection"
Java VisualVM – Developer`s Nightmare is Over
Sun now integrates a profiler in the jdk
Java VisualVM – Developer`s Nightmare is Over
VisualVM is an open source tool for monitoring and profiling your Java applications. VisualVM is now integrated with JDK 6 update 7 release and also available as a stand-alone setup. Java 7 plans to integrate next version 1.2.
WordPress Debug Theme - Yoast - Tweaking Websites
A dead sexy theme to help you debug your WordPress install.
chromedevtools - Project Hosting on Google Code
chrome用デバッグツール eclipse前提
Debugging in Python « Python Conquers The Universe
PDB Overview
!exploitable Crash Analyzer - MSEC Debugger Extensions - Home
PHPでのプロファイリングというとXdebugでファイルを吐き出してWinCacheGrindやKCacheGrindで読み込む(ファイルを吐き出したファイルをGETして、ソフトに読み込ませる)が定番ですが、XHProf を使えば、ブラウザ上で、プロファイリングが出来るみたいです。
XHProf Documentation (Draft) PHPプログラムを解析して何処が重いか?がブラウザ上で簡単に分かる「XHProf」。 通常、PHPでのプロファイリングというと、Xdebugでファイルを吐き出して、WinCacheGrindやKCacheGrindで読み込むというのが定番です。 ですが、この方法だと、ファイルを吐き出したファイルをGETして、ソフトに読み込ませる、というちょっと面倒な手順が必要でした。 XHProf を使えば、ブラウザ上で、プロファイリングが出来るみたいです。 XHProfの特徴 まず、セグメントごとの実行時間やメモリ利用の状況なんかがブラウザで見れます。 プログラムの構造を把握するのにも使えます。
A Unix Utility You Should Know About: lsof - good coders code, great reuse
This is the third post in the article series about Unix and Linux utilities that you should know about. In ...
MOONGIFT: » jQueryを使った開発に便利!Firebug + jQuery「FireQuery」:オープンソースを毎日紹介
FireQuery、Firebugと連携するjQuery開発補助アドオン FireQueryはconsole.logに吐き出した内容を元に、画面上のエレメントをハイライトしてくれる。例えば console.log($(’p'));と出せば、コンソールに出力された jQuery(p)という表示にマウスを当てると、該当部分がハイライト表示になる。どの部分に対して適用されているかがすぐに分かる
Six Things Your Mom Never Told You About Debugging Javascript « [devlunch]
LinuxParty | - Programar y depurar en un IDE para PHP, plugin phpeclipse, xdebug y Remote debug
Sitio Web de linux_party
Programar y depurar en un IDE para PHP, plugin phpeclipse, xdebug y Remote debug
Debug PHP with Firebug and FirePHP
AS3 hidden treasure in the mm.cfg file. Revealing and documenting many Flash secrets! « jpauclair
Page Speed Home
Krumo: Version 2.0 of print_r(); and var_dump();
Worth taking for a spin
To put it simply, Krumo is a replacement for print_r(); and var_dump();. By definition Krumo is a debugging tool (initially for PHP4/PHP5, now for PHP5 only), which displays structured information about any PHP variable.
ActionScript 3.0 用デバッグ支援ライブラリいろいろ - てっく煮ブログ
ActionScript 3.0 用デバッグ支援ライブラリいろいろ
Debug Java applications remotely with Eclipse
You don't need to debug Java applications on just your local desktop. Learn how to spread around your debugging using different connection types that make up remote debugging. This article outlines the features and examples that show how to set up remote application debugging.
Remote Debugging of JAVA Applications
Coding Horror: The Problem With Logging
Logging level definition
A recent Stack Overflow post described one programmer's logging style. Here's what he logs:
HTTP アプリケーションのデバッグにつかうツール2選 - TokuLog 改めB日記
fiddler2 ngrep
Debugging and Testing in Internet Explorer Made Easy |
post bem interessante com links para programas bacanas (inclusive pacotes das versões do ie) sobre debug nos ie
It’s somewhat usual to leave the testing with Internet Explorer until the end of the project. This is quite acceptable when you’re dealing mainly with layout issues. But when you’re building a web application with loads of features, there are several issues to struggle with: constant debugging, client-side performance, proprietary bugs and so on. However, getting your hands dirty with IE doesn’t always feel as comfortable as with other browsers. In this article, I’m going to list and review different set of tools, which will help you and make your debugging and testing process in Internet Explorer much more enjoyable.
Building a Better JavaScript Profiler with WebKit « alert debugging
Spotify vs OllyDbg
sudo dtrace -n 'syscall::write*:entry /execname == "Spotify" && arg0 == 2/ { trace(copyinstr(arg1)); ustack(); }'
"Spotify for Windows contains code so awesome that [Windows debugger] OllyDbg can't look at it without crashing."
Spotify for Windows contains code so awesome that OllyDbg can't look at it without crashing.
iPhoneのテストモードや各種設定を表示する隠しコマンドのリスト - iPhone・iPod touch ラボ
6 Line EventMachine Bugfix = 2x faster GC, +1300% requests/sec at time to bleed by Joe Damato
"This results in an increase from 500 requests/sec to 7000 requests/sec when using Sinatra+Thin+Epoll+Threads. That is pretty ill." -- Joe Damato
On top of all that, this patch helps with Ruby’s green threads, too. If the epoll_wait causes a Ruby event to fire and that event creates a Ruby thread, that Ruby thread gets an entire copy of the existing stack. Each time that thread is switched into and out of, that thread stack has to be memcpy’d into and out of place. Reducing those memcpys by ~800,000 bytes is a HUGE performance win. Want to learn more about threading implementations? Check out my threading models post: here. Fixing this turned out to be pretty simple. A six (6!!) line patch: * Speeds up GC by 2-3x because of the huge decrease in stack frame size. * Fixes an open bug in EventMachine where using threads with Epoll causes lots of slowness. The reason is that each thread will inherit an ~800,000 byte stack that gets copied in and out every context switch. * This results in an increase from 500 requests/sec to 7000 requests/sec when using Sinatra+Thin+Epoll+Threads. That is pretty ill.
l in all, a productive debugging session lasting about an hour. The result was a simple patch, with 2 big performance improvements.
Google製サイト高速化Firefoxアドオン「Page Speed」を試してみました:phpspot開発日誌
JavaScript 等の速度を測定する。Firefox add-on
Windows プログラマなら読んでおきたい「Windowsデバッグの極意」 - てっく煮ブログ
.NET な人には、.NET&Windowsプログラマのためのデバッグテクニック徹底解説 が MS 公認だしおすすめ。Visual Studio を使った高度なデバッグテクニックが紹介されている。
PHPスクリプトの遅い部分を簡単に見つける方法 : アシアルブログ
How to Debug Your jQuery Code
Debug JQuery
jQueryのコードを Firebugを使ってデバッグする方法のレクチャー記事です。
Different tools and techniques for improving jQuery code
HTML and CSS Debugging Tools | Design Shack
Ksplice » Attack of the Cosmic Rays! - System administration and software blog
a really nice article on debugging
Amazing forensic methods to compare system cache in memory with image on disk.