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eli kim
100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances.
100 Dances
100 songs
BOOMBOX by Ely Kim 3 days ago 3 days ago: Mon, Feb 16, 2009 8:43am EST (Eastern Standard Time) More More See all Show me Ely Kim's videos 1. BOOMBOX by Ely Kim 3 days ago 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances.
Seth's Blog: Guy #3
Remember Guy # 3 for the future.
Eternal moonwalk - A tribute to Michael Jackson.
後ろ向きに歩いてるだけじゃないかw ある意味シリーウォーク
YouTube - JK Wedding Entrance Dance
Our wedding entrance dance to Forever...yeah, forever.It took place at a Church in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
Our wedding entrance dance to Forever...yeah, forever.
@hrheingold: "Wedding entrance dance. Rocks." (from
Dance around the world - The Big Picture -
Belissimas fotos de nós, seres humanos em todo o mundo, profissionais e amadores, em movimento de todos os motivos acima e muito mais. Via RT @ritacao RT @Antropologias (twitter)
Gorgeous full-color photos of recent images of dance from around the world.
YouTube - Op zoek naar Maria - Dans in het Centraal Station van Antwerpen
Op Zoek naar Maria gaat van start op vtm, en dat zullen ze in Antwerpen geweten hebben. Ruim 200 dansers hebben de hal van het station op z'n kop gezet.
do re mi danced out in a train station. sort of a flash-mob of dancers
How come this sort of thing never happens to me when I travel?
Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy | Derek Sivers
TED Talks About Leadership
Video about the first follower
Human Slinky Halftime Basketball Creighton University Omaha NE Video
College basketball halftime show with the human slinky
Best half time show I've seen in Year's this is called the Human Slinky and this video was done during a halftime show at a Basketball game at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. If you haven't seen it yet you have got to check it the end you still say how did they.....