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How To: Customize and Streamline Your Windows Desktop | Maximum PC
| ^^ |秒刊SUNDAY | これでダメなら諦めろ!Windows高速化対策集2008
livedoor ニュース - Windows XPの起動を高速化する5つの術【知っ得!虎の巻】

96MBのメモリで、Ubuntuで原稿書いてます!彼氏がWMを着替えたら・・・ - Viva! Ubuntu!!
80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook | Webdesigner Depot
this bookmark brought from the home.
The MacBook and MacBook Pro are stunning examples of minimalist design. Their sleek lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs are pinnacles of modern
Lee-Soft - ViGlance: Windows 7 SuperBar for XP
ViGlance groups windows relative to their process. Each open application reserves its own space on the bar. Windows relative to that application are then grouped as children of that application on the bar. This keeps the taskbar clean and better organised into a more logical grouping system.
Firefox 3.5をインストールしたらまず行う設定 : blog
重いFirefoxをなんとかして速くしたい | バシャログ。
jQuery UI Selectmenu: An ARIA-Accessible Plugin for Styling a Custom HTML Select Element | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
At Filament Group, we build elegant communications and interactions that help people understand, work, and collaborate effectively across a variety of media - from web sites to wireless, to interactive exhibits and print.
HOW TO: Customize Your YouTube Channel
40 Great Computer Desktop Mods | Inspiration
Computer desktop is a very personal thing. Each of us has a personal preference how our desktop should looked like. Modding (customizing) a desktop can be
やりたかったあの機能を実現する、WordPress 中級者必見のテーマカスタマイズ6個 ::
Firefox高速化テクニック8 | エンタープライズ | マイコミジャーナル
キャッシュやクッキー、履歴データなどの削除することは起動や操作が高速になる半面、レンダリングや利用の面で不便になることに注意する必要. 「content.notify.backoffcount」を整数で新規作成して「5」を設定、「nglayout.initialpaint.delay」を整数で新規作成して「0」を設定する。最初の設定はすべてのページをダウンロードし終わる前にレンダリングを開始する指定、後者はページレイアウト情報をすべてダウンロードする前にレンダリングを開始する指定... メニューを高速化する 「ui.submenuDelay」を整数で新規作成して「0」を設定... IPv6対応機能を無効にする IPv6を使う必要がなければ「network.dns.disableIPv6」の値を「true」に変更...
UxStyle - no more patching.
Allow custom themes in Vista. Use for Vista to look like Win7
yay! Auto-patches uxtheme.dll (?) so you can use ANY theme/style with WinXP
uxtheme.dll patcher
WinStep: Desktop Themes and Customizing Windows!
Featured Rainmeter Config: Configure Your Own Rainmeter 10-Foot HUD
6 ways I customized my WordPress blog theme and how |
In this article I will include the 6 blog design additions I did on top of the default options of the WordPress Thesis theme.
Featured Desktop: The Windows 2019 Desktop
Life easier
Reader Painkilla05's stylish desktop was inspired from a Microsoft research video showing what computer interfaces might look like in the year 2019.
窓の杜 - 【特集】クリスマスカードや年賀状に! 無料で使えるフォントカタログ
窓の杜 - 【特集】クリスマスカードや年賀状に! 無料で使えるフォントカタログ
Lifehacker - The LiteStep at Night Desktop - Desktops
Reader YBoris's desktop completely replaces the Windows interface with LiteStep—a minimalist, functional, and infinitely hackable shell replacement.
How to Customize Your Facebook Page Using Static FBML | Social Media Examiner
Beginning Staes of pimping out the fbook page
How to use Static FBML to customize your Facebook Fan page and add a clickable image and embed a YouTube video.
RT @tracitoguchi: How to Customize Your Facebook Page Using Static FBML (via @ericesilva) #bm
Good tutorial on using Static FBML to customize your Facebook Page
Customize Your Facebook Fan Page: Tips, Tricks, Applications
Customize your #Facebook fan page: tips, tricks, applications