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Featured Windows Download: Enigma Desktop Customization Update Now Available
Friday Fun: DesktopGaming has Killer Retro Gaming Wallpapers
Downloads: Enigma Desktop 2.0 Released, Adds Installer, Widget Manager, and Templates

Article explaining how to install the Enigma desktop
Reader Kaelri, well-known for his killer Enigma desktop, has released a new version complete with an installer—making this amazing desktop customization easy enough for anybody to install. The latest update includes features geared at beginners—the new welcome dialog in the middle of the screenshot adds widgets to your desktop which can be easily dragged around the screen—making customizations easier than ever. The full list of new features includes:
15 Incredible WordPress Theme Customizations | Freelance Folder
Out of the box thems
TokyoDownstairs: DeskHedron
Para crear hasta nueve escritorios en Windows (al estilo del cubo en 3D de Compiz Fusion). Se descomprime y se ejecuta el fichero .exe. Creará un icono junto al reloj del sistema. Con el botón derecho se podrá acceder a las opciones. Para activarlo, pulasr Ctrl+Shift+Z. Para cambiar de escritorio, pulsar las flecha izquierda o derecha respectivamente. Para seleccionar el escritorio, pulsar Enter o Esc.
Un escritorio en 3d para windows
Tutorial: Build Your Own Linux Distro | PC Plus
Find out about the latest issue
101 Techniques for a Powerful CMS using WordPress | Noupe
101 Techniques for a Powerful CMS using WordPress
This is the first article in the four-part series, “The Comprehensive Guide for a Powerful CMS using WordPress“. Throughout this article, we’ll be focus on many WordPress Theme hacks, ideas, tips and useful tutorials you need to have ready in hand when developing WordPress websites. There are some technical stuff we have to get out of the way first. Let’s take a look at useful, yet rather unknown techniques for a powerful CMS using WordPress. Each section of the article presents a suggestion and provides you with an explanation of the solution for each suggestion. 1. Create a static home page By default, a WordPress home page shows chronological blog post entries — with the most recent post at the top. If your goal is to have a WP-created Page with static information, WordPress will allow you to select a different page as your home page so that you can display more traditional content like information about yourself or your business. How To » In your admin area, just go to Setting
Some good tips on basic wordpress tweaking
static homepages, smart menus, better CMS ... sharp wordpresses!
8 Beautiful Conky Desktop Monitor Setup |
installed by default in standard crunchbang linux :)
Conky Designs
Lifehacker - The Starlight Desktop - Desktops
Lifehacker - Tweak Your Way to a Better Finder - Leopard
Leopard tweaks ... useful
"From Finder's View menu, check off "Show Path Bar" to turn on a clickable "breadcrumb" file path bar at the bottom of your Finder window, as shown. There you can click on any of the parent folders up the path of your current folder to navigate to it." Giant size 'oh!'.
‎( - Official site of Nimi projetcs)‎
efectos en el escritorio de Win XP
Official website of Nimi projects - which develops such great software titles like Nimi Visuals: unique effects and customization engine for Windows platform and many more.
HOW TO: Customize Your YouTube Channel
Rainmeter is a Windows customization application.
Rainmeter is a Windows customization application. Empower your desktop with an expandable library of useful tools – handy notes and application launchers, weather and feeds from the web, system status and more. Then, rearrange and modify them to suit your personal style. With Rainmeter, your desktop is finally yours.
Customization of UIs and Products (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Websites that let users customize the UI have the same measured usability as regular sites. Sites for customizing products, however, score substantially worse due to complex workflow.
Customize MediaWiki into Your Ultimate Collaborative Web Site - Wikipedia - Lifehacker
working the mediawiki
WinStep: Desktop Themes and Customizing Windows!
themeleon :: Twitter Profile Designer by COLOURlovers
stomize your Twitter page:
Downloads: Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7 (No Hacking Required)
Downloads: Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7 (No Hacking Required)
Show And Tell: Engima-Inspired Desktop Roundup
The Black Mac Desktop - Desktops - Lifehacker
sweet desktop
Outlaw Design Blog » 28 Ways to Customize Your Mac Desktop
Pimp my mac!
Featured Firefox Customization: Minimalist Firefox Goes Black
Explore the world of configurators! — Configurator-Database
This is the world's biggest configurator database, featuring over 500 web-based configurators.
This site is home to the world's biggest configurator database. Scan over 500 web-based configurators now and follow the up-to-date discussion of these configurators in our blog.
Emacs color-theme creator
#Emacs color-theme creator
Ben Nolan » Blog Archive » Creating a custom infowindow for gmaps
Featured Desktop: The Compartmentalized Desktop
Reader Kseve has put together a workspace-oriented desktop with just a few of our favorite add-ons.
Featured Desktop: Windows Vista with a Live Thumbnail Sidebar
Reader MERSC tricked out a Windows desktop with ObjectDock's full-sized taskbar thumbnails, which previews open documents (including live video) on the dock. Above the left-docked taskbar, MERSC has an embedded to-do list pinned to the desktop, always in view, along with system monitoring tools and the current time using Samurize. When MERSC maximizes a window, the Emerge Shell Replacement keeps the dock and to-do list visible at all times. Here's the rundown of what's on this desktop, and a look at it with a maximized window.
Reader MERSC tricked out a Windows desktop with ObjectDock's full-sized taskbar thumbnails which previews open documents including live video on
Lifehacker - The LiteStep at Night Desktop - Desktops
Reader YBoris's desktop completely replaces the Windows interface with LiteStep—a minimalist, functional, and infinitely hackable shell replacement.
Customize your WordPress Backend for Personal Branding | Graphic and Web Design Blog
ow to create a custom WordPress login, and explain how to fit it to y