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Seth's Blog: Three things you need if you want more customers

Three things you need if you want more customers Seth Godin I går, 12:26 PM If you want to grow, you need new customers. And if you want new customers, you need three things: 1. A group of possible customers you can identify and reach. 2. A group with a problem they want to solve using your solution. 3. A group with the desire and ability to spend money to solve that problem.
You'd be amazed at how often new businesses or new ventures have none of these. The first one is critical, because if you don't have permission, or knowledge, or word of mouth, you're invisible.
Seth's Blog: Deeper or wider
Sounds so simple (and it is) but Seth is great at giving simple truths
Marketing Strategy
"If you want to grow the size of your customer base, you need to confront the buffet dilemma" Great post by Seth Godin [from]
This is a great analogy featuring buffets that really simplify two different business approaches that could significantly impact your business and attract more customers.
Rocket Bomber - article - retail - commentary - Rethinking the Box: The Seven Types of Customer.
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