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13 Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorials for Learning New Features | Web Design Ledger

13 Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorials for Learning New Features | Web Design Ledger -
If you’re like me, sometimes you are so busy with projects that you fail to take time to familiarize yourself with the new features of upgraded software. Since Photoshop is the design tool of choice for many web designers, and since CS4 hasn’t been out very long, I’ve decided to round up some useful video tutorials that demonstrate some of it’s new features.
Professional Tips for Improving Photoshop’s Performance - Psdtuts+
In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Photoshop Preferences to increase our Performance. With more and more features and important improvements,
100 Tips about All Adobe CS4 Applications | Layers Magazine
apparently really good - must read sometime
recommended by @feesh (Trish at CAES).. .Must read when we get CS4 (James says soon?)
Free Adobe Tutorials | Photoshop CS4 | Website Design | Layers Magazine
There are a number of ways that you can achieve a refined website by polishing off your design in Photoshop.
Website Design Tips Using Photoshop CS4
A Basic Guide to Photoshop CS4 Adjustment Layers - Psdtuts+
Adjustment Layers ใน PhotoshopCS4 ใช้งานอย่างไร
A Basic Guide to Photoshop CS4 Adjustment Layers
Guida ai livelli correttivi di Photoshop
Optimize performance in Photoshop CS4 on Mac OS
photoshop performance
And another...a bit more technical.
Creative Sense - New icons for the Adobe Creative Suite for Mac OS X and Windows
Analysis of Adobe CS3/4 icons and thought process behind a redesign of the primary application icons.
First of all, please allow me to make one thing clear - if you use and enjoy the current box-style Adobe branding and icons, then this icon set may not be for you. I don't claim that these replacement icons are more correct, as icons and branding are subjective topics. What follows is my own perception of things as they were, as they are and have become and finally, if it were up to me, things as they should be.
Via Shaun Inman.
Free Adobe Tutorials | Photoshop CS4 | Clone Stamp | Cover-up layers | Layers Magazine
Let’s face it: no matter how carefully you try to compose your image, in some photos there’s something in the shot that just has to go! In this tutorial, we’ll review some key techniques for removing elements from a photograph using cover-up layers and the new live brush preview for the Clone Stamp in Photoshop CS4.
Remove Elements From a Photo in Photoshop CS4
40 Fundamental Illustrator Tutorials You Must Know | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutorials
Tutoriais de ilustração
Maniacal Rage
The tumblelog of Garrett Murray.
A ton of funny Photoshop CS4 crash reports.
It started dying so often that he got REALLY creative with his crash descriptions.
""At one point, around noon, I started hallucinating. I suddenly found myself in an alterate [sp] was insane. The oceans were purple, we used Converse sneakers as currency, and Photoshop never crashed. Then I snapped back and saw this dialogue.""