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Crys in Space - Fic: "Last Resort" 1/2

How cute is this? I love oblivious!Rodney. Oh, and this is so what I think is really happening in the SGA world. Ten hot alien babes.
"It's actually kind of surprising that this hasn't happened to us before. I mean, not the part where you didn't get the girl, obviously, just, you know, we've stayed in a lot of strange places together and a lot of them didn't have private rooms. And I'm not saying I don't have any self control, but I certainly have a healthy libido, and—"
Oh, so hilariously earnest and selectively oblivious Rodney gets jealous of John's "flirting" and is jerking off and John walks in on him and well, things happen. Which Rodney wants to happen *again,* but he's totally missing any signals from John, and then there are wacky misunderstandings and hijinks and they finally get their act together and it's hot and happy and SO HAPPY. HAPPY. That.
A semi-drunken fumbling leads Rodney to asking John if they could make it a semi-regular thing. For some reason, this upsets John, but Rodney will be damned if he isn't going to be having sex.
In which Rodney wants a sex contingency plan, and John just can't help himself (also featuring super-oblivious fantasizing)
And leave it to John to invent the chaos theory of sex, where no single action made sense, but the aggregate moved inevitably toward its predetermined conclusion.