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Yet another abstraction layer between you and people working for you. Managed crowdsourcing via outlets like MechanicalTurk
Businesses use Twitter to communicate with customers -
Customer service + Twitter
Comcast's deft use of Twitter underscores what is becoming a staple in modern-day customer service. Increasingly, corporate giants such as Comcast, PepsiCo, JetBlue Airways, Whole Foods Market and others are beefing up direct communications with customers through social-media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Dont Tell Ashton - The worlds first Twitter artwork
In a recent study social currency was defined as the extent to which people share a brand, or information about a brand, as a part of their everyday lives
Join the worlds first artwork made by Twitter users! The artwork will later be made into a physical piece by Swedish artist Jon Holm. Tweet and get your profile pic inside the frame. More followers = bigger size. Only one person has enough followers to cover the entire frame. Some call him an actor. Others call him a Twitter God Almighty. To us, it doesn't really matter what you call him as long as you just don't tell him.
un proiect realizat de studenti