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Dead simple task scheduling in Rails - Intridea Company Blog

Rufus scheduler
javan's whenever at master - GitHub
provides a really easy way to write tasks that must be done repeatedly or at a certain time in a simple Ruby DSL. It can even write out crontab files for you based on the commands and times that you give it.
Patrick F. Spear » Projects » gcalcron
Backup your Database in Git | Viget Extend
When you think about it, a database dump is just SQL code, so why not manage it the same way you manage the rest of your code — in a source code manager? Setting such a scheme up is dead simple. On your production server, with git installed:
Downloads: gCalCron Automates Your Linux System with Google Calendar
gcalcron allows you to issue terminal commands to a computer through Google Calendar.
run terminal commands in ubuntu using cron and scheduled by google calendar
Nice is a tad insecure (well as secure as your google account!)
Scheduled Tasks With Cron for Python - Google App Engine - Google Code
manual for defining web services to run - schedule tells when to run which URLs and how often to do it
Use Google app engine to run server-side web scripts regularly - as per suggestion in
cron: - description: daily summary job url: /tasks/summary schedule: every 24 hours