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The Future of Twitter: Social CRM

Twitter has multiple business models to choose from I get asked over and over: “How do you think Twitter will monetize? What’s their business model?” While it’s clear their already experimenting with ‘house’ ads, ads that promote features of their service, I’m not sure that’s going to be the right direction for them. We already know that click through rates on social networks are low, why? because people are there to communicate with each other –not search for information like Google or on a media site. It’s possible they could turn on ads in the search tool, as people are seeking information. Yet all of these tactics have been done on other social sites, I think that Twitter has a unique opportunity to tap into the lucrative CRM space. Manually tracking a large brand within Twitter isn’t scalable It’s important to first realize that managing a large brand on Twitter isn’t scalable, with hundreds –maybe thousands of tweets about a marketplace a day, individuals will have a very diffic
This is a great article about where Twitter is going. It says they have a lot of thing going for them right now (like customers) but are lacking many things too. If they find the right tools Twitter could be big.
CoTweet: The Twitter CRM Tool of Choice for BestBuy, JetBlue, and Ford
Another good article on Mashable for companies trying to figure out how to leverage twitter
PR 2.0: Twitter and Social Networks Usher in a New Era of Social CRM
Social Media has slowly evolved not only as a new content publishing, sharing, and discovery medium, but more importantly as a peer-to-peer looking glass into the real world conversations that affect the perception, engagement, and overall direction of the brands we represent. Socialized media didn't invent "conversations," it simply organized and amplified them.
Gitig: Blog site about social networks and such. He did that cool petal graphic of the social media landscape.
Fat Free CRM - Ruby On Rails-based open source CRM platform
Bantam - Red social en tiempo real
CRM with Live Social elements added
Real-Time Conversations Hasten Social CRM
reading Real-Time Conversations Hasten Social CRM - In the world of business, social media, led by Twitter, is forc... [from]
Social CRM is no longer an option. It necessitates brand involvement to proactively share answers, solve problems, establish authority, and build relationships and loyalty, one tweet, blog post, update, and “like,” at a time.
PipeJump - Sales and Opportunity Management Software for Small Businesses
Sales and Opportunity Management Software for Small Businesses: Win more deals. Track your opportunities and deals in an effective and intuitive way so you can focus on winning more deals!
Followbase - Customer service & support via Twitter
Esto es para dar de alta tu negocio. Algo así como para que vayan tus clientes y te pregunten. Está badado en twitter, pero hay que mirarlo.
Rapportive | Making Excellent Service Scale
social CRM built into gMail
Replace ads in Gmail with the sender's contact info.
simple social CRM built into gmail
an Excellent Add-on
Cambridge UK startup Rapportive has released a Firefox and Chrome extension that will replace the ads in your Gmail with photos, biographic data and social media links, including a live display of recent Tweets, for whoever you’re corresponding with by email. It’s fantastic and takes about 2 minutes to set up.
This Machine Eats Tweets: The System Behind @Comcast and Others - ReadWriteWeb
notes on how brands are using twitter analytics and CRM to manage cust service. Mentions Radian6 and WebTrends. Dell VP of Community has a 45 person team
use.. or misuse of social marketing
It turns out though, that far more than that was happening behind the scenes. An extensive machinery of tracking, delegation and analysis stood between Bill and my little Twe
Radian6 system and others - how social media monitoring works at large companies (with one screenshot of radian6)
Rapportive | Making Excellent Service Scale
Plugin per Gmail che introduce una sidebar con informazioni di chi scrive e un CRM
shows photo and social networking info in Gmail
Simple social CRM built into Gmail
Extensão que substitui anuncios do Gmail por informação do contato.
Firefox extension that replaces the ads in Gmail with profile information based on the email address of your respondent. "Where does Rapportive get its data from? We combine information from several sources; at the moment, these are Rapleaf, Gravatar and Twitter. In the future we will offer integration with many more data sources, both public (e.g. social networking sites) and private (CRM). We make a clear distinction between: * Public data, which is information that users have chosen to make public on the internet, and which anyone could find on one of the major search engines. We aggregate public data, take into account corrections and feedback, and show this information to everyone who uses Rapportive. * Private data, which is privileged information to which only you have access. In order to provide the Rapportive service, we may need to process this data behind the scenes; however, private data will never be shown or disclosed to any other Rapportive user or any third party"
Why Your Company Needs to Embrace Social CRM