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A friend of mine who happens to be a famous designer (this person shall remain nameless) said something not long ago about one of my projects that really pissed me off. At the time, I objected to this person’s tone and delivery, thinking it inappropriate. After all, we’re friends! But given some distance from the event, I realize now that, the formal qualities of the remarks aside, this person had a point. They weren’t necessarily right, mind you, but there was a legitimate criticism at the core, to which I should have paid attention. In retrospect I realize that getting hot and bothered about this person’s tone said something much less flattering about me than about the person.
The notion of speaking openly, honestly and objectively about work is inherent to learning how to be a better X...."This is why art, film and architecture have achieved such great heights in our society: those art forms are economically robust enough to support a vibrant critical class."
"To put a finer point on it: are we being honest with one another?" - also designer zu designern
The importance of honest criticism (in every profession).
Please Critique Me: Design Critiques for Designers by Designers
If you spend more than a few minutes in forums or on social networking sites, you've probably heard someone say those three little words. Everyone – noob designer to experienced professional – is seeking feedback on design projects. We even see those requests regularly on Twitter, and many of us do our best to give feedback (as best we can in less than 140 characters) in an effort to give something back to the design community. With that in mind, we are proud to provide a place where designers can submit their work and have it reviewed (albeit publicly) by one of their industry peers. » Calling bullshit on social media
Critique of the hype surrounding social media
so, so true
This is so true... We keep talking about "social media" like it's something different than people just talking and connecting. It's really very human and simple, despite technology.
I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script - New York News - Runnin' Scared
It rarely takes more than a page to recognize that you're in the presence of someone who can write, but it only takes a sentence to know you're dealing with someone who can't. (By the way, here's a simple way to find out if you're a writer. If you disagree with that statement, you're not a writer. Because, you see, writers are also readers.)
Drupal Sucks
a hot discussion about Drupal
Are you choosing a Content Management System for your next site? Allow me to throw in my two cents against Drupal. In theory, Drupal is a CMS that lets you control your site out of the box. In practice, it’s a nightmare to configure and maintain.
Artigo de Mariya Lysenkova sobre os pontos fracos do Drupal como gerenciador de conteúdos.
10 Excellent Feedback Tools for Web Designers
It’s easy to get caught up doing your own thing and even easier to stick to what you know already know. However, whether you’re a developer or a designer, seeking out constructive, third-party feedback can bring your projects to a new level. You may also know that finding objective, qualified sources of feedback can be near impossible (your relatives and roommates only cut it for so long).
Feedback Tools for Web Designers
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You work for me, Computer: Dropping Django
Web Design Criticism: A How-To - Smashing Magazine
Smashing Magazine
The fundamental problems with CSS3 | Matt Wilcox .net
This post brings to a head a lot of my thoughts and feelings with regard to CSS3 and the way the W3C is developing it. It does not aim to look at specific topics in detail, but to step back and question some fundamental issues that I feel need to be addressed.
my thoughts a
Case-Study: Deconstructing Popular Websites (Opinion Column) - Smashing Magazine
In our past articles, we’ve experimented with better ways to engage users on web pages with CSS3. We love getting into the nuts and bolts of web design by showing off some nifty coding tricks. In this article we’ll take a step back to provide some reasoning for designers to embark on that next redesign.
deconstruccion de sitios web populares
ZURB – Critique a Web Page in 30 Seconds or Less
When you're ready to launch your website, you'll want to give visitors the best user experience possible. Learning to evaluate a website effectively is part art and part science, but it's a skill that can be learned. To develop an eye for what works on a website and what doesn't, there are few simple techniques that help you critique your website in 30 seconds or less.
An Aesthetics Reading List for Programmers - Ideas For Dozens
So, as an aide to programmers looking to improve their ability to produce and critique aesthetic arguments, I've put together a short reading list of items I find both accessible and helpful. These texts vary from actual art criticism to art history and theory. They also vary in vintage — from the very recent to more than 100 years old — and in format — from serious book-length essays to short art criticism and reportage.
How To Critique An Interface « Aza on Design