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Let’s Kill The CPM

Una gran idea
Online advertising pros-and-cons and blog debate
Yes. Yes. Yes. Been talking about this idea with my friends for a couple years now. Traditional online ads are dead. Eye tracking shows they are largely invisible. Online ad people object, saying "they still work," "just depends on the creative." No. They're a distraction, an ask for attention that pays back very little to the consumer. Banners are the equivalent to flashing LED billboards on the side of the freeway: they're all about the advertiser, not the consumer. Next.
Just differentiate b/w the content writer & the content publisher. The publisher is stuck in the CPM/CPA world as it is now, trying to cover costs & make a return in an ever increasing universe of sites & pages. The writer is spreading his content/meme, in this case a reformer meme.
OK, Advertising Week just ended… does anyone else feel like the online advertising industry is the orchestra, playing on while the Titanic is sinking?