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UPDATED EVERY MONDAY. This venue has been created to appreciate the practice of book cover design. This is not a blog to rip apart what we dislike—everyone has a different aesthetic. This is a blog about the challenges and outcomes
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80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook | Webdesigner Depot
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The MacBook and MacBook Pro are stunning examples of minimalist design. Their sleek lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs are pinnacles of modern
Peter Belanger | Blog | cover creation
An awesome time lapse video of how a Mac world cover is created. From photo to composite to photoshop cover creation to indesign flow. Awesome!!
Peter Belanger Photography, Commercial photo studio based in San Francisco, California specializing in advertising, editorial photography.
Kuo Design | Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers
Site com todas as capas de revistas que Steve Jobs já figurou. Muito bacana.
Showcase Of Brilliant Comic Book Cover Art | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
nmca: magazine cover archive
he Nation Magazine Cover Archive (NMCA) 表紙
Amazing interface of vintage graphic design magazine covers. It smacks of stealing!