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GigaTweet - Counting down to the billionth twitter message

the best photo retouching & designing service online you can ever find
TwitterCounter Stats: The Ultimate Twitter Statistics Provider!
Twitter in website
Widget twitter à la MBL
Gary's Social Media Count | PERSONALIZE MEDIA
Running count of all social media activity
An intriguing social media "scoreboard" of sorts. You can embed it anywhere
Excellent 'live' social media counter/visualisation
"counter of social media uses"
Living statistics – Many of us who have been following social media since the early 90s are very sensitive to today’s exponential growth in usage of the sharing web. Inspired by other cool real time counters, my own Rise of SM presentations, Laurel Papworth and various videos I decided to put together this little Flash app (which is in constant development) showing how active & dynamic the Social Web is. More after the embed.
jQuery plugin: Simplest Twitter-like dynamic character count for textareas and input fields | Css Globe
On your site you might have a comment box or contact form fields limited to certain character count. You can use this simple plugin to provide user with that useful information.
“Who Is Online” Widget With PHP, MySQL & jQuery – Tutorialzine
Wow this is really neat
It will display the number of visitors, currently viewing your site, and thanks to Hostip’s free IP to location API, it will even be able to detect the country your visitors are from and display it in a slide out panel.
“Who Is Online” Widget With PHP, MySQL & jQuery – Tutorialzine