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Somehow, everyone got the idea that Cook was in charge of Archie at the American Idol 2011 New York Christmas Eve Non-Denominational Holiday Extravaganza, proceeds to benefit St. Jude's.
"Bye!" Archie said, then waited for her to leave before making a face. "You know, at least Seventeen doesn't ask about my sex life. I think it's just rude." // "Since when do you have anything to hide," David said, dryly. // "Well," Archie said, suddenly looking uncomfortable, and David almost choked again. // "Seriously, you're having sex -" David said, and Archie almost tipped the chair over. // "Oh my go - um, no," he said, then grinned. "But I totally got to second base a couple weeks ago at a party."
ARCHIE/COOK Cook gets a crush on Archie and its really that awesome.
(4300) Written for [info]astolat for Yuletide; Archie grows up a little.
David Archuleta and David Cook celebrate New Year's Eve together.
Archie grows up a little.