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Designing Convertbot - Tapbots Blog

With the surprising success of Weightbot, it was only a matter of time before we would take on the challenge of outdoing ourselves. We knew people were expecting something big from Tapbots the second time around so what’s more impressive on the iPhone platform than a unit converter? Pretty much anything. In name alone, Convertbot is probably the last application people would expect to see from us. But the truth is, converting units, while extremely ordinary, is a very useful utility for many people. And while there are countless feature-rich unit converters for the iPhone, none of them make the task any more enjoyable. So it really was the perfect robot for us to build. I just wanted to spend a little time writing about how Convertbot came to be. Getting Started The first step was to set up the groundwork for the application. What is the primary purpose of this application? Who is the target audience? What are the bare minimum features this app needs and what features can we add that
The design process of a well-designed iPhone app