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Excellent info about freelance contracts
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What to Include In Your Design Contracts
If you’re a freelance graphic designer (or any profession for that matter) and do not have contracts or standard terms and conditions that you provide your clients to sign prior to starting a project… well let’s just say you’re silly. You WILL at some point need it to protect your business, as for the reason I am writing this is due to a recent incident in which my contract protected me. Building your own design contracts isn’t always easy—there’s much to include, but once it’s written and out of the way it’s as easy as hitting ‘attach’ and ’send’ in your email. Often at times, client’s ask specific requests so I can easily tailor mine to fit their project if need be. Instead of covering each and every angle of a design contract, below I have listed the basics and essentials to include in your standard graphic design terms and conditions or contracts. Feel free to add more in the comments below.
Below I have listed the basics and essentials to include in your standard graphic design terms and conditions or contracts.
phic errors, etc. Also if the client provides you materials to work from and they’re lost or damaged it must be accounted and compensated fo
Legal Documents For Your Startup
Silicon Alley Insider has partnered with leading technology law firm Cooley Godward Kronish to explain common legal issues facing start-ups and provide sample legal documents that you can review and download. Complete Set of Founder Friendly Legal Docs
Is there such a thing as too founder friendly? Complete Set of Founder Friendly Legal Docs
Graphic design contracts - your advice | David Airey » graphic designer, logo designer
A few months ago I wrote a brief article about graphic design contracts. You offered some excellent advice in the comments, and here I feature a select few of your contract tips.
Freelance Contracts: Do’s And Don’ts « Smashing Magazine
Freelance Contracts: Do’s And Don’ts « Smashing Magazine
A List Apart: Articles: Letting Go of John Hancock
L’ultimo numero di A List Apart ospita un articolo di Biorn Enki dedicato all’uso di contratti elettronici nell’ambito di una web agency. La seconda parte dell’articolo è tecnica e mostra come creare un modulo da far compilare al cliente usando Adobe Acrobat e un pizzico di PHP. L’aspetto interessante è però anche quello della prima sezione, quello che concerne il lato legale e pratico della questione. Primo punto: quanto conta davvero, in termini di competitività rispetto alla concorrenza, consentire al cliente una forma di relazione così veloce e semplice come quella rappresentata dalla stipula di un contratto via web? L’autore, per esempio, sostiene che è uno dei tanti modi per stare un passo avanti ai concorrenti in tempi di competizione sempre più serrata. Secondo punto, quello legale: emerge che nella legislazione americana anche il semplice cliccare su un pulsante o link di accettazione rende vincolante il contratto. Non c’è pertanto la necessità della tradizionale firma.
Useful Web Design Proposal Resources, Tools and Apps - Speckyboy Design Magazine
How To Sell Agile To Fixed Bid Contract Clients
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Let’s Make a Deal - 15 Things You Need in a Web Contract | The Wojo Group
Writing the perfect web contract can be a daunting task - but here are 15 tips on what to include and some additional resources for help.
Apple’s iPhone App Refund Policies Could Bankrupt Developers
AppStore new refund policy.Pretty crazy. I thought Apple got over their suicidal tendencies long ago. Guess I was wrong. [from]
Article breaks it down: when a customer buys an iPhone app you developed, you get 70% of the sale, Apple collects the other 30%. When customer requests a return on that same app, you pay the customer your share plus Apple's share of the sale (100%).
How To Spot A Sketchy Client (Plus A Contract Template) - Smashing Magazine
The question arose on a blog about how to screen a client. Perhaps talking about it in terms of how to spot a sketchy client would be a bit much, but like any freelancer, I need to dump my anxieties on those who sign my paychecks. From corporate clients to the single-owner businesses, clients are our lifeblood… and they can be a cruel, cruel mistress. No wonder we drink.
Contract Killer: The Next Hit | Stuff and Nonsense
Contract template
Since publishing Contract Killer I have revised the wording a few times, most recently with an updated clause about browsers and testing.The killer contract I published in 2009 had this to say about Internet Explorer 6.We will test all our markup and CSS in current versions of all major browsers including those made by Apple, Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera. We will also test to ensure that pages will display visually in a ‘similar’, albeit not necessarily an identical way, in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows as this browser is now past it’s sell-by date.