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Continuous Deployment at IMVU: Doing the impossible fifty times a day. « Timothy Fitz

Continuous Deployment isn’t just an abstract theory. At IMVU it’s a core part of our culture to ship. It’s also not a new technique here, we’ve been practicing continuous deployment for years; far longer than I’ve been a member of this startup.
unknown terms: tdd, rsync, symlink, schema learned new defn: integrate need to learn big o notat... later. need to sleep
"On average we deploy new code fifty times a day. So what magic happens in our test suite that allows us to skip having a manual Quality Assurance step in our deploy process? The magic is in the scope, scale and thoroughness. It’s a thousand test files and counting. 4.4 machine hours of automated tests to be exact. "
Lessons Learned: Why Continuous Deployment?
The goal of continuous deployment is to help development teams drive waste out of their process by simultaneously reducing the batch size and increasing the tempo of their work.
the more he says it, the more it makes sense