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The Content Conundrum - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design

Article by Christopher Detzi. As web designers and information architects, we often dismiss deep consideration of content when we design interactive experiences.
Finally, a conversation about content...
"It’s impossible to fully evaluate the effectiveness of a web experience without having the content represented and under the same microscope as the design"
A List Apart: Articles: The Case for Content Strategy—Motown Style
What’s your role? Are you a designer who needs “real copy” for your comps? Maybe you’re an information architect trying to organize an experience, or a search engine marketer eager to influence your client with keywords they’ll actually use. Whatever your role, a content strategist can help you be more successful.
The Case for Content Strategy—Motown Style
"At a more thematic level, first working through the 'big issues' of content strategy, like communication goals and messaging, can help you hit the mark in your respective deliverables. "
Content strategy thoughts.
Scatter/Gather: a Razorfish blog about content strategy, pop culture and human behavior
Razorfish Blog über Content Strategy.
A List Apart: Articles: Words that Zing
Words that Zing
A List Apart: Articles: Infrequently Asked Questions of FAQs
Retour sur les bancs de la FAQ
An exploration of the whys and wherefores of website FAQs. (Maybe you shouldn't need one.)
Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy | UX Booth
Consistently publishing content requires that we deal with a foe known as content management. Content management is just what it sounds like: a way to manage the creation and dissemination of content. To systematically do that, it’s imperative that publishers employ what’s (aptly) known as content management systems (CMSs). The most common of kind of which is called a blog.
Complete Beginner’s Guide to Content Strategy
“If [Information Architecture] is the spatial side of information, I see content strategy as the temporal side of the same coin.” - Louis Rosenfeld