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Your Rights: How To Report Merchants For Requiring A Minimum Purchase Or Making You Show ID

Stores are violating their contract with the credit card companies if they set minimum or maximum charges, or force you to show ID in addition to your credit card (with the obvious exception being for age-limited purchases). Depending on your state and your card issuer, surcharges or "convenience fees" may be banned as well. The best way to straighten these guys out is to report them to the credit card company. [US Info]
So awesome.
ant must not require, or post signs indicating that it requires, a minimum or maximum transaction ammount to accept a
Apparently it's against Visa's policy to require ID.
Travel: Use Codeshares To Find Cheap Summer Flights Abroad
how do you find codeshares? First, find your desired flight number and punch it into a flight tracking service like Flight Stats. Look for a section breaking out specific codeshares and the flight numbers associated with the other airlines. Then, go to each airline listed and search for the codeshared flight number to compare the price. Once you've found the lowest fare, book it and start packing!
Before locking in your summer fare to Europe, see if you can't find a better deal by searching an airline's codeshare partners.