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Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things

"We take bridges for granted now, but back in the 1800s, bridges were in beta. They fell. One out of every four bridges… fell""We Are Defined By What We Build The Brooklyn Bridge was built from 1870 until 1883."
Rands posts a nice optimistic counter to current economic gloom, citing the Brooklyn Bridge and other 19th century NYC architecture.
History of the Brooklyn Bridge
Truly inspiring
We need a new version of ourselves and that’s going to involve bright, unexpected ideas from those we least expect them from, and they’re going to strike you as impossible. All you need to do to understand these terrifyingly ambitious ideas is to look back at what we’ve already done to understand what we can do.
Screws and Nails
Here are tips and suggestions to help you do a better job when using common fasteners like screws and nails.
Here are tips and suggestions to help you do a better job when using common fasteners like screws and nails. Although there is nothing complex about a nail or a screw, many are misused.
Selecting the best fastener for the job
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All animated gifs of Under Construction
Funny archive of "Under Construction" signs--so much activity!
every under construction gif and animated gif ever. save from geocities
This small collection was saved from the rapidly dying Geocities, which Archive Team is working desperately to save for a historical archive. Please consider visiting our site and helping us with collecting, education, and writing.
Free “Site Under Construction” Template
Free “Site Under Construction” Template -
Inhabitat » Carbon Negative Hemp Walls are 7x Stronger than Concrete
August 24, 2009 Hemcrete®: Carbon Negative Hemp Walls
EastSouthWestNorth: Daily Brief Comments, June 21-30, 2009
Building on the Lianhuanan Road in the Minxing district of Shanghai city toppled over
building falls_from silver girl @ delicious
1. First, the apartment building was constructed 2. Then the plan called for an underground garage to be dug out. 3. The excavated soil was piled up on the other side of the building. 4. Heavy rains resulted in water seeping into the ground 5. The building began to shift and the concrete pilings were snapped 6. due to the uneven lateral pressures. 7. The building began to tilt. 8. And thus came the eighth wonder of the world.
The building FELL OVER. Let me say that again. The *whole building* *fell over*.
"At around 5:30am on June 27, an unoccupied building still under construction at Lianhuanan Road in the Minhang district of Shanghai city toppled over."
How to Hire a Contractor Without Getting Hosed