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6 Tips For Building Deeper Connections With Twitter

So, you’ve been on Twitter for awhile and realize it has some value beyond updating others on your every move. You may have followers and conversations, but most of your tweeps are on the surface. So, how do you build stronger connections? Here are 6 ways to take your connections deeper: 1. Add Value One big theme here is giving value on Twitter. People do not want to be sold, spammed or overwhelmed with tweets of little value. Think before you tweet. Ask, will this add value? Will this help someone? 2. Listen. Really? I thought Twitter is where I get to talk and tell people stuff. - Use the Favorites to save things you are listening to and might want to talk about later. - Try to read your tweet-stream in batches rather than watching your Tweetdeck all day. 3. Get engaged. Start conversations. - If someone in your stream asks a question? Reply. Share your knowledge. - If someone is looking for help? Offer your help or make an introduction to someone who can. - Like what s
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Six Things You Need to Know About Facebook Connections | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Facebook is moving people to their new 'Connections'. And it appears that your privacy settings have been dumped in the process.
This #Facebook lack of #privacy stuff is REALLY concerning me
Facebook's creepy new privacy settings