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Amateur Snapper | 10 Top Photography Composition Rules

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10 Top Photography Composition Rules The only rule in photography is that there are no rules. However, there are many composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene. Below are ten of the most popular and most widely respected composition 'rules'.
What Should Colleges Teach? - Stanley Fish Blog -
A few years ago, when I was grading papers for a graduate literature course, I became alarmed at the inability of my students to write a clean English sentence. They could manage for about six words and then, almost invariably, the syntax (and everything else) fell apart. I became even more alarmed when I remembered that these same students were instructors in the college’s composition program. What, I wondered, could possibly be going on in their courses?
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MuseScore | Free music composition & notation software
MuseScore is a free cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program, licenced under GNU GPL.
Photography | Rule of Thirds | Composition | | Layers Magazine
Finding perfect photographic composition in your viewfinder For anyone following a creative pursuit, the notion of obeying rules that determine proper aesthetics for an image seems nothing short of ludicrous; however, such rules can prove incredibly helpful as you work to improve your photography. Just remember, rules are made to be broken. It’s important to understand some key rules of photographic composition, but equally important that the final image is what really matters, so don’t hesitate to break the rules if you feel it will improve the photo.
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Triumph of the Cyborg Composer | Smart Journalism. Real Solutions. | Miller-McCune Online Magazine