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Corporate Blogs and 'Tweets' Must Keep SEC in Mind -

Post a disclaimer if you are part of a publicly-traded company.
[IBM] avoids blogs and Twitter for investor issues, because it fears violating SEC disclosure rules or inviting public criticism
The growing Twitter audience also attracted the attention of eBay's lawyers, who last month required Mr. Brewer-Hay to include regulatory disclaimers with certain posts. Some followers think the tougher oversight is squelching Mr. Brewer-Hay's spontaneous, informal style. His experience shows the tension that can arise as more companies tap social media to reach investors, customers and others. Eighty-one Fortune 500 companies sponsor public blogs, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Chevron Corp. and General Motors Corp., according to the Society for New Communications Research. Of those blogs, 23 link to corporate Twitter accounts.
Richard Brewer-Hay
For later reading; missed this when it came out.
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