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Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter? - Telegraph

Funny letter sent to Richard Branson complaining about the good on a Virgin flight
News Blog - Times Online - WBLG: Greatest ever letter of complaint
This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time.
" the end of the flight I would have gladly paid over a thousand rupees for a single biscuit following the culinary journey of hell I was subjected to at the hands of your corporation."
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Editor's Corner - Yahoo! News UK
funny complaining letter to rich about the worst meal somebody appears to have been expected to eat in their entire lives...
Look at this Richard. Just look at it:
This is a letter recently received by the Virgin Atlantic customer complaints team and is currently being hailed on news blogs, such as this one on The Telegraph as possibly the funniest customer complaint letter ever.
mdenny: RT @wmacphail: I love this complaint letter to Virgin
Hilarious complaint letter to Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines.
Consumer Action Handbook - View Handbook
A site for consumer protection and with links to government agencies and resources for the consumer.
Consumer Action Handbook, including the consumer topics, the directory listings, the sample complaint letter, and the index.
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