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It used to be hard to imagine that anything serious could be build without the creation of large hierarchical organizations. But if one thing has really been shown in these recent years, it is that self-organizing groups in many cases can outperform traditional organizations. There is a lot of talk in the community about the various freedoms that open source confers. But beneath all this there is a titillating promise of an even more fundamental freedom. This is “the real freedom zero”
FICCが運営するクリエイターのための求人サイト☆さすがなつくり。 CBCNETより見やすくて親切。
Search for organizational charts with The Official Board. We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world’s 20 000 largest corporations. A strong personal network is the key to professional success. The Official Board is constantly developed and updated by our members in real time. That means our members are the first to know. Free registration is required. Most of the information can be accessed for free by our members. Then, by adding to the database, they become allowed to search for deeper information in each organizational chart.
View the organizational charts of the world's 20 000 largest corporations.
Welcome to The Official Board. We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world's 20 000 largest corporations.
org charts of companies
Ger information om företagets ledning. Wiki
org charts
"We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world’s 20 000 largest corporations."
See also the techcrunch article.
Google Ventures - Welcome
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Google Ventures seeks to discover and grow great companies - we believe in the power of entrepreneurs to do amazing things. We're studying a broad range of industries, including consumer Internet, software, hardware, clean-tech, bio-tech and health care. We invest anywhere from seed to mezzanine stage and embrace the challenge of helping young companies grow from the garage to global relevance.
Venture Capital - by Google. We seek to discover and grow great companies - we fundamentally believe in the power of entrepreneurs to do amazing things.
B.L. Ochman's blog: Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet
1. every Tweet has to be approved by legal - CLASSIC 9. you plan to track Twitter with Google Analytics - OMFG ;)
Mainstream media is in an orgiastic frenzy of coverage about Twitter. Everyone's Tweeting, from celebrities to CEOs according to CNN, The View, Today, the NY Times, the Wall St Journal and just about everyone else. Each of them covers Twitter like it's an overnight phenomenon that came out of nowhere, although Twitter has been gaining traction for three years and now has 9 14 million members. Should your company be on Twitter? Not necessarily. Top 10 reasons not to join Twitter: 1. every Tweet has to be approved by legal. Twitter is a social network where conversation is fast and interconnected. If you have to wait a day, or even a few hours for your 140 character Tweet to gain legal approval, Twitter will be the wrong platform for you. 2. you plan to use Twitter like a giant RSS feed, broadcasting nothing but headlines, deals. People follow people they find interesting. If all your Tweets are a one-way street: Block! 3. you think using Twitter is a social media strategy
"It's a tactic, a tool, not a strategy. It works if you already have an online following who'll view your Tweets as a way to interact with your company on a human level."
blaubo design
google maps hack
blaubo design 伊野亘輝 GoogleMapsでportfolio
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HOW TO: Build Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn
LinkedIn can be an enormously valuable way to attract top talent to your company, especially if you use all of the options available to you.
ディレクターが押さえておきたい営業取引の基本的な流れと頻出ワード - livedoor ディレクターブログ
(1) 打合せ (2) NDA(秘密保持契約)締結(3) 情報開示(4) 条件交渉(5) 契約書雛形作成(6) 法務確認(7) 争点の交渉(8) 契約締結(9) 取引開始(10) 請求/支払(11) 契約更新 エクスクルーシブ (競合排除) 案件によっては契約の条件として、独占契約を条件とする場合があったりします。契約書には競合指定したサービスとの併用は不可と明記されたりしますが、一般的には「エクスクルーシブな契約」などと呼ばれ - Welcome
Stribe is a plug and play service to instantly create a social network on any website
Twitterを全社導入して気づいたこと - EC studio 社長ブログ
■この1ヶ月間で得られたTwitterの想定外の効果について 「飲み会で飲み過ぎて行方不明になったスタッフの捜索状況」
"次期GFSが実装するマルチマスター構成は、Amazon DynamoやWindows Azureのキー・バリュー型データストア「Azure Storage」が採用済み。Amazon Dynamoはコンシステントハッシングというマルチマスター構成を採用し、Azure Storageはピア・ツー・ピア技術の基盤である「分散ハッシュテーブル」というマルチマスター構成を採用する。  Amazon DynamoやAzure Storageは、データの主たる保存先をサーバーの物理メモリーとすることで、システムの応答性を向上するというアプローチを採用している。これまで、「データの永続化」とはハードディスクにデータを保存することを指していた。しかし十分な数の複製を複数のサーバーに作成すれば、保存先がメモリーでもデータの永続化が図れるというのが、Amazon DynamoやAzure Storageの発想だ。"
Does Slow Growth Equal Slow Death?
I always thought that expanding my business at a steady pace was a smart move. Now I worry that it could potentially kill us
By Joel Spolsky
Interessante discussies in comments... But we do have to work closer to the limits of our abilities, we have to invest more of our profits in hiring more salespeople and software developers, and we have to focus relentlessly on winning more enterprise sales. We have to do that, because otherwise, we're going to end up being the company you've never heard of.
会社を設立しよう (その1) : 管理人@Yoski
会社を設立しよう (その1)
How to Start a Freelance Company
Information on starting a Freelance company. Found on the sixrevisions website.
Starting your own company is wonderful, scary, and exciting! I’ve recently gone through the process and started up my own freelance company, Snoack Studios, and I’d like to share my personal insight on how to get your own company off the ground, using my own story as an example. How to Start a Freelance Company Step 1: Find a Business Name First things first, you need a name. As a freelancer, you will probably want to be a Sole Proprietor and you can certainly use your own name. I wanted to plan for expandability and flexibility: I may have employees, I may subcontract some work to other freelancers, or maybe even sell my business one day, so I went with a company name of Snoack Studios. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you and fits the service you provide. Perform some basic research Do your homework as well, search Google to make sure that your company name is unique, and mostly importantly, search trade names at the Secretary of State office in the state you live in (
大きな会社と小さな会社のどっちで働くべきか迷っている人へ - GoTheDistance
いきなりポイントから入ります。大企業で働くことと中小企業で働くことの違いは、大企業はルールで動き中小は経営者の恣意で動くということです。ココがすごい重要です。 僕は6年近く大企業にいました。その時に考えたことは大企業で働くということ - GoTheDistanceで書きましたが、大企業の根本的な原理原則はルールで仕事が動くということです。異なる立場・異なるレイヤーの人たちを束ねて1つのサイクルを作るには、ルールを作ってその中でサイクルを回すより他ありません。それの累積によって企業文化なるものが形成されます。
大企業の根本的な原理原則はルールで仕事が動くということ 大企業にいてよかったことは「普通に仕事をさせてもらえる」こと 明確に自分の役割が与えられ、そのロールに従いすべきことをして、あるべき成果を出してその仕事を終える。あっちいったりこっちいったりということはない ルールで動くことの悪い面は組織の硬直化・官僚化に伴い「個」が透明になっていくこと 個人としての名前、理念、価値観で仕事することは「掟破り」 求められるのは「Disagree and Commit」の精神 「この社長のために(自分に非がなくても)土下座できるか?」という質問にどう答えるかです。それぐらいの気持ちがなければ、経営者の距離が近い中小では朝令暮改は当たり前ですからルールで考えていたら不条理なことが多くなるので疲れてしまって、やっていけなくなるんじゃないかなと思います
Most Innovative Companies | The Fast Company Blog | Fast Company
Even in these tough times, surprising and extraordinary efforts are under way in businesses across the globe. From politics to technology, energy, and transportation; from marketing to retail, health care, and design, each company on the following pages illustrates the power and potential of innovative ideas and creative execution.
アゴラ : イマドキの起業のしかた - 渡部薫
Raible Designs | How To Setup Your Own Software Development Company
Good advice.
価格.comは一体どうやって儲けているのか、その秘密に迫る - GIGAZINE
A Comparison of Dedicated Servers By Company
Infographie: Google posséderait 2% des serveurs mondiaux
A Comparison of Dedicated Servers By Company
The biggest tech names require a lot of server power to keep up with their customers. Here's a breakdown of just how much server power some are packing.
Google has a lot more servers than any other company. (Of course, counting by NUMBER of servers is a bit unreasonable: Google uses large banks of cheap servers and others buy big expensive ones.)
Social Media and Public Relations Consulting � PR Squared
10 Tips for Social Media Marketers ...
10 Tips for Social Media Marketers 1. Every brand can be and should be “social” 2. Just get started 3. Integrated marketing vs. social media 4. Find your brand’s own path 5. Media $ versus human capital 6. Agencies play a great role, but the voice needs to be the company’s 7. Your agency needs to walk the walk 8. Get legal involved early 9. Have a crisis management plan 10. Selling the C-Suite or ROI – One of the most popular questions
インターネットを活用した、ひきこもりのための株式会社の創り方 - グニャラくんのグニャグニャ備忘録@はてな
ネットでひきこもりながら会社を設立する方法について。以下流れ ・定款作成 ・.co.jpドメインの取得 ・公告方法を官報にしつつ、財務諸表のみをWebページに載せて官報掲載代を節約する ・法務局にいく ・登記情報提供サービスで設立を確認する ・法務局に行って印鑑カードを受け取る。 ・e-Taxを通じた、税務署への届出 ・eLTAXを通じた、都税事務所への届出 ・銀行口座を作成(住信SBIネット銀行) ・FAX番号を取得する(D-FAX) ・会社ロゴ作成(Lancers) ・名刺を作る(SuperPrintで注文) ・会計ソフト(弥生会計)で仕訳 ・必要なお金の総額:264,571円(うちロゴデザイン5万円) ・法務局に2回行くだけで株式会社を設立可能
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A simpler bank that is easy to use. A bank that treats you with respect. No extraneous features. No hidden fees.
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