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15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009 - Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance looks at some big companies who are on the razor's edge.
Loehmann's Capital Corp. (Privately owned; about 1,500 employees). This clothing chain has the right formula for lean times, offering women's clothing at discount prices. But the consumer pullback is hitting just about every retailer, and Loehmann's has a lot less cash to ride out a drought than competitors like Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx. If Loehmann's doesn't get additional financing in 2009 - a dicey proposition, given skyrocketing unemployment and plunging spending - the chain could run out of cash.
Twitter To Start Charging Companies For Having An Account?
در مصاحبه‌ای یکی از بینیانگذاران تویتر (بیز استون) به صورت ضمنی به این موضوع اشاره کرده
Companies using Twitter for commercial purposes may soon start getting charged for that activity, according to an interview British trade magazine Marketing (part ...
Twitter might start charging companies for advertising using tweets.
近々、Twitter が法人アカウントに課金を開始するという噂
Search for organizational charts with The Official Board. We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world’s 20 000 largest corporations. A strong personal network is the key to professional success. The Official Board is constantly developed and updated by our members in real time. That means our members are the first to know. Free registration is required. Most of the information can be accessed for free by our members. Then, by adding to the database, they become allowed to search for deeper information in each organizational chart.
View the organizational charts of the world's 20 000 largest corporations.
Welcome to The Official Board. We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world's 20 000 largest corporations.
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"We provide constantly updated organizational charts of the world’s 20 000 largest corporations."
See also the techcrunch article.
Ten Characteristics of Great Companies
So with that caveat, here is my list of ten traits I see in great companies. This is aimed at web/tech companies but I believe it can and should be applicable to all companies.
Interesting take on what makes a great company
Yesterday I got to do one of my favorite things. Our portfolio company Etsy invited me out to their new offices in Dumbo to talk to the entire team. Since they didn't ask me to talk about anything in specific,...
The Top Six Reasons Companies are Still Scared of Social Media
reasons why companies are scared of social media
Business Information and News: Track, Connect and Share -
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Top 100 Real-Time Web Companies
As part of the lead-up to our inaugural event this Thursday 15th October, The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit, we're pleased to announce our list of the top 100 ...
The top 100 tech media companies | Tech Media Invest 100 | The Guardian
The 100 companies below have been picked for their innovation and creativity over the past year in areas as diverse as mobile applications, racing games and music recognition. We list the top 10 and then&
Most Innovative Companies | The Fast Company Blog | Fast Company
Even in these tough times, surprising and extraordinary efforts are under way in businesses across the globe. From politics to technology, energy, and transportation; from marketing to retail, health care, and design, each company on the following pages illustrates the power and potential of innovative ideas and creative execution.