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Comodo Easy VPN for Strong Encryption Software Security

Comodo EasyVPN allows businesses and home users to quickly group multiple computers into a secure, peer to peer, network over the Internet.
Windows only: Free application Creates a virtual private network between your computers for a hassle-free, secure private network. Simple to set up. Just install the application, register for an account, and then log in. Once you've got the app running on a couple of computers, you can easily (and securely) access one computer from the other as though you're on the same local network. As we mentioned in our guide to Hamachi, a VPN comes in handy when: * You're on the road with your laptop and want secure access to your PC's files. * Your office or dorm room computer is behind a restrictive firewall that doesn't let you reach it from the internet. * You want to add encryption to insecure network protocols like VNC. * You want to set up a shared folder of files for friends and family to access. Apart from the basics, EasyVPN also comes with a built-in, secure chat tool.