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Kevin Kelly's visie op de verschuiving van eigendom van content naar toegang tot content
"Better than owning" - a world of subscriptions giving instant universal access (to content, at least)
Better than Owning
Better Than Owning Ownership is not as important as it once was. I use roads that I don't own. I have immediate access to 99% of the roads and highways of the world (with a few exceptions) because they are a public commons. We are all granted this street access via our payment of local taxes. For almost any purpose I can think of, the roads of the world serve me as if I owned them. Even better than if I owned them since I am not in charge of maintaining them. The bulk of public infrastructure offers the same "better than owning" benefits.
Future. Very very cool.
kewlchops: Not quite what I had in mind.
Bugger! Really REALLY sorry about this. Can't believe how brutally George was treated.
Flickr anställd blir sparkad
Laying of George Oates
George rules.
Whoa! George Oates got hit by the Yahoo! layoffs.
George Oates on the Yahoo/Flickr layoff
(It would be unfair to give anyone affected by the lay-offs special treatment.) It's not just my treatment I worry about here. Such a sudden movement makes it especially hard to continue the program effectively, at least for a while. So silly. I sent a few tersely helpful emails before my email account was closed. Couldn't resist. Don't let The Commons die, you buggers! Can't you see how wonderful it is?!?!?