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100 Vim commands every programmer should know

Since the 70’s, Vi is one of the programmer’s best friend. Nevermind you’re new to Vi or not, here’s a big list of 100 useful commands, organized by topic, which will make your coder life better.
คำสั่งพื้นฐานของ vi
Command-line Fu < The best UNIX commands on the web
A repository for the most elegant and useful UNIX commands. Great commands can be shared, discussed and voted on to provide a comprehensive resource for working from the command-line
Command-Line-Fu is the place to record those command-line gems that you return to again and again
linux commands
Linux tips every geek should know | TuxRadar
Very useful bash and commands tips.
Linux tips every geek should know
Things You Need To Know To Become An Apt Guru - Make Tech Easier
This site helps you with things you need to know to become an Apt Guru.
Quite possibly the most distinguishing feature of Debian-based Linux distributions (such as Ubuntu, Mepis, Knoppix, etc) is their package system - APT. Also
Command-line Fu < The best UNIX commands on the web
Huge searchable archive of unix commands for the command line. This is on the distant to do list.
More Linux tips every geek should know | TuxRadar
If you've already read and memorised our "Linux tips every geek should know" and "20 all-new tips for KDE 4.2" features, we've picked out 50 more Linux desktop tips for you to enjoy.
10 Expert Ubuntu Tricks - Business Center - PC World
Mommy, I found it! — 15 Practical Linux Find Command Examples
find / -name passwd
Usi del comando find
using FIND
15 Terminal commands to supercharge OS X | News | TechRadar UK
Tagaholic - Demystifying Irb's Commands
Irb is one of the most commonly used standard ruby libraries, yet most don’t seem to know much about it. I’ve lost count of the number of blog posts that explain some irb “tricks” or “secret” config options. This is the first in a series that aims to make irb less magical and more accessible.
The 10 most useful Linux commands - Program - Linux - Builder AU,339028299,339297366,00.htm
The 10 most useful Linux commands
Maybe the command line isn’t your favorite place to hang out, but to be an effective Linux admin, you need to be able to wield a few essential commands. These 10 commands are guaranteed to simplify your Linux admin life.
How to Be Faster at the Linux Command Line | HACKTUX
25+ Useful Linux and Unix Cheat sheets @ Techie Blogger
Speaking UNIX: 10 great tools for any UNIX system
The universe of UNIX tools changes constantly. Here are 10 tools -- some you may have overlooked and some new -- to tinker with.
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Windows Run Commands
Windows hack run commands
control panel shortcuts
The 10 most useful Linux commands | 10 Things |
16 bitchin' commands and shortcuts for Twitter | Blog | Econsultancy
Ten Powerful Linux Commands -
Useful Run Commands For Windows Vista and XP -
Like everyone said, time is gold. Every single second is precious and time is not to be wasted. You know, it usually takes you at least 10 seconds to open a windows programs. With today tip, you can probably open any programs within 5 seconds. So now I’m going to show you a list of general and common commands that you can use in the Run option from the start menu (Start > Run box). I consider this tip somewhat advanced, but if you get this into your head early on and spend more time familiarizing yourself, you can be a PRO in computing shortcuts!
A Unix Utility You Should Know About: lsof - good coders code, great reuse
This is the third post in the article series about Unix and Linux utilities that you should know about. In ...
Can You Top This? 15 Practical Linux Top Command Examples
teractive top c
MySQL utility commands
UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits
Avoid piping a grep to wc -l in order to count the number of lines of output. The -c option to grep gives a count of lines that match the specified pattern and is generally faster than a pipe to wc, as in the following example:
Top Ten One-Liners from CommandLineFu Explained - good coders code, great reuse
Useful Bash shell one liners with explanations
What Emacs Commands Do You Use Most and Find Most Useful? : programming
Twitter Support
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The Official Twitter Commands
Submitted Nov 06, 2008 by crystal The Official Twitter Commands Did you know: you can perform certain actions, like following or marking a friend's update as a favorite, by using the designated Twitter commands? Use the commands listed below from your phone, the web update box, or your favorite third party application.
kmb-tips: Советы по Linux
LakTEK – Handy Git commands that saves my day
ExampleScripts - googlecl - Example commands and tasks GoogleCL can do. - Project Hosting on Google Code
This will be useful once they get GReader
Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
Google CL is a Python (Python) application that makes Google Data API calls through the command line.